Saturday, November 01, 2008


Happy Halloween, A Day Late

Came home from school with my prize--I won the best costume by a teacher at school. (Will post pic of the costume on a hanger for you as I cannot manage a picture of myself in said costume--unless I can figure something out.)

Fed the Boys. Fed the kitties. Nice day. Changed into my riding clothes. While the Boys ate, made myself a light supper. Ate my food. Felt a little tired so I stretched out on the sofa.

Fell asleep.

No Trick or Treaters, so on I slept for several hours.

Didn't ride.

It is OK. We have a full week off from school. We add several holidays to Election Day, the education convention, and just close down. So I am looking forward to a full stretch of 9 days with no excuse for not riding--unless it rains.

I have a bit of yard work to do too. When it snowed the other day, the tree leaves weighted down the branches and two lilac bushes and one big tree lost some limbs. Guess it's the saw, the tractor and me!!

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  1. you must have been tired, then! enjoy your break ...