Monday, November 03, 2008

Tucker's Trail and The Election

US Citizens: Don't Forget to Vote!!! Your voice is important!!
Not the Best Pictures But...

Come along with Tucker and me on a hack in the woods.

We go out the gate, into the woods. Along the trail. Out to the field. Past the pile of dirt where the monster no longer lurks. ;) Along the road by the cornfield. Back into the woods. To the intersection where you can see the mud from the ATV riders. Along the forest road. Back to the narrow trail towards home. Weaving through the trees and finally to the blurry gate back into the arena.


  1. Still it looks like a fun refreshing autumn ride!

  2. Thnaks for the photos, it is nice to see, where you ride.
    Beautiful autumn colours ^-^

  3. nothing like a pair of ears showing in the camera!

    that is an interesting pile of dirt in the middle of the track, what was that about? i can see why it might have been thought to contain a monster!