Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Off

And A Really Bad Knee

Did something to my right knee. I certainly didn't feel anything when I was working outside. I was fine until I curled up on the couch for an hour or so and then got up. I must have twisted it while I was lying there or overworked it outside and then positioned it wrong once I was resting. Or something.

I decided to go to my chiropractor first as it felt as if something was out of place. After limping about all day, when I got there, he did some adjusting and it felt much better, though still not good enough to feel I could do much on it. I suspect I will have to head back to my knee doctor sooner than later for a tune up.

Meantime, the Boys have the traditional Monday off anyhow.

I can retire any time I want or keep on teaching as long as I want. I was hoping I could retire at the end of this year, but this economic situation is making me a bit uneasy. My pension is pretty secure and I may be reaching the point where it would actually make more sense to retire than keep on working, but we'll just have to see. Nothing like a stock market crash to put a damper on things. *sigh*

School is fine, actually, and the students I have are, for the most part, pretty much fun to teach. We have a good time in class. The trouble is all the side stuff, paperwork, requirements, and other such details of the job that are wearing. And not being able to be in control of my schedule or even sure of what classes I will teach from year to year is no fun. Then there are the standardized tests the students must take and the time in class I have to spend preparing them for the test rather than teaching cool stuff. There comes a time when dealing with all the bureaucracy just starts to outweigh the good things.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Muriel, your blog would not let me post a comment. It is telling me, tonight that I am not a team member. Has something changed? See comments here for your comment on your blog.


  1. Comment for Muriel's blog:

    Oh, riding a sensitive horse is SO difficult. Sometimes, all you need to do is think what it is you want to do. Then your body unconsciously moves in the right way and the horse responds.

    I believe too often we make too much of the exact, correct way to give a horse a cue. We can "speak" to them softly with our own bodies anticpating what we want them to do and if they indeed tune in, they respond.

    Give yourself the benefit of the doubt with Cutter. He does sound like a great horse for you to learn on!

  2. Retire and do some private tutoring of really motivated kids??

    Definitely retire - it's wonderful to have more time for the horses!!!


  3. now that's a plan, jean, from caroline - income and your own boss (something i should think about, but would mean a huge bank loan in my case...:-()

  4. RETIRE:)))

    Life's too short,just think of all the fun you could be having with the boys and with all your talents you could definitely find a way to supplement your income!