Saturday, November 22, 2008

We Shall See

Windy And Chilly Today, But Tomorrow???

If it is more moderate weather tomorrow (today now as it's after midnight) I am going to try a little riding. My knees feels pretty good but I do promise I will be careful.

At the very least, though, I want to lunge everyone for a couple minutes just to see how sound they all are. I haven't seen Tucker trotting much and the ground has been frozen so he's been walking cautiously where the gound is uneven. Toby looks fine, but with the possible abscess the shoer found, I need to give him a good look over. And, Chance is shoeless but I want to make sure the hard ground is not bothering him either.

That being said, I'll saddle up somebody and toddle around the arena a bit. I don't dare go out into the woods because one of the hunting seasons is in full swing and if it's nice the weekend hunters will be out. I'm not keen on being out there with guns and bows at the ready.

My friends sons will be over in the early afternoon to unload the grain I'll pick up in the morning. No matter how much better my knee may be, I will not take the chance of trying to lift a 50 pound bag to carry into the feed room. Bill's sons are the sweetest young men I've met in a long time. They have done a lot of little chores for me along the way and every time they have been wonderful. What I really like is how the two of them work together and figure out how to solve any problems they run into. Great kids. (although I should actually be calling them men. The older boy is in college--university--and the younger is probably nearing 18 by now.)

School is fortunately back to as normal as it can be. The testing is over so I have my classroom back. Some disruptions with students today, though. It's not a full moon, so I have no idea what's going on.

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  1. help available on tap, just what the doctor ordered.....

    if you can't lug feed about, should you REALLY ride?.....