Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Have Been Tagged

But since I am not all that interesting, I am only posting one tag reply.

Here's the deal as I understand it. When you are tagged by another blogger, you need to post a suitable reply and then tag six other bloggers. In this case the reply must write six things about himself/herself other people probably don't know.

Nothing too exciting here, but here you go:

Six things about me:
I have written two 1200 page unpublished fantasy novels and am partway through the third part of what I’d like to be a four novel series. Selling them to a publisher is the hard part. I am not a good salesman and although I have sent it out a few times with no luck, I haven’t submitted it in the last few years. My bad.

My dream would be to own and operate a horse/animal rescue. I’d have a huge farm with workers to do most the labor I cannot do myself, and give horses a place to live out their lives in comfort and contentment.

I don’t like eating fish. Most of the time, if the fish doesn’t have that “fishy” flavor, I don’t mind the taste. But all I have to do is find one bone in my mouth and I’m done. I once attended a friend’s wedding and at the prenuptial dinner, the entrĂ©e was salmon. No one ever asked what we’d like to eat. I didn’t touch mine and was starving for the rest of the night.

It took me forever to learn how to post the trot when I first started riding. I bounced for months. Maybe that’s why I don’t find it hard to ride the sitting trot now.

When I started teaching, I had some really difficult classes. Sometimes, I’d just go into the stall with my dear horse, Russell R., lean against him, and cry. He always listened and made me feel better. I’ve heard about medicine horses and I think he was my psychological medicine horse. I’d also swear that PJ was as capable. I had a bad migraine one day when I went to see him. I leaned my head against his neck, and my headache disappeared. It wasn’t a complete cure, but for those few minutes I was gone.

I really resent all the Hollywood concepts of the lonely, single woman with cats. I am a single woman with cats. But I am perfectly happy as I am. Why is that so wrong?

I am actually a very shy person. However, I am a pretty good actor, and teaching has helped me a lot. Whenever I go into a social situation where I might be worried about what to say, I just take on my teacher persona, and I am just fine. Besides, I’ve learned the best way to interact with other people is simply to ask them questions about themselves.

So, I will tag:

Keith, Bazz's Dad

Katie, Keith's Daughter




Enough for now. Horse post later, I hope.

The Boys had to be locked in for breakfast. The hunters are shooting all over the place and they just wanted to be out there to see what was going on. Apparently, there were some hunters in the cornfield behind the pasture, so that was particularly exciting.


  1. OK Jean...I want to be tagged, but I don't have a blog (only on myspace), but that is nothing like y'alls. Where can I reply?

  2. Bobbie! Great time to start your own blog.

    Setting one up in Blogger is as easy as anything.

    Just go to and follow the directions.

    Once you do, let us know and you can get tagged.