Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hacking in the Autumn

Now That It Started to Dry Out

Sunshine today for a change and a nice bit of breeze so the mud is quickly drying up. The paddock back of the barn is still it bit sticky, but the rest is pretty good, and the arena is drying up.

Thought about dragging it, but decided to do the stall strip instead, using the wheelbarrow so I didn't rut up the back area with the tractor. Took a bit of work but the exercise did me good...aside from my knees, that is.

Once done with the chores, I saddled up Chance, Toby, and Tucker in that order and took each one out for a nice little hack in the woods.

On the way out with Chance, we met two hunters scouting the area for deer. Bow hunting season is on, so these guys were looking for good spots. I'm not keen about killing anything, but I do understand their principles and wished them good luck, admitting I was actually rooting for the deer. They just kind of laughed, but we are all on good terms, so it's just fine.

The funny part was that when the two guys headed off in the opposite direction, Chance wanted to follow them instead of going in our direction. And he was very clear about it. Don't know if it was because the guys patted him or whether he was just looking for company.

Toby's and Tuck's rides were uneventful, with just a minimal spook here and there for birds flying up out of the cornfield or a squirrel scurrying across the path.

All in all it was a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

Back to school tomorrow. *sigh* Weeks like this really do make me think of retirement.


  1. You are brave to hack on hunting ground!
    Bow hunting ... how smart it is. Have they got dogs with them?

    Here "for not being shot at". the hackers buy the little bell dogs wear on their collar "for not being shot at". The bell is fixed on the horse saddle or bridle.

    Sounds like you had a great sunday ^-^

  2. do you have a compulsory retirement age, or can you just carry on until you're ready to go? over here it's 65 for teachers - the funniest thing was my mother, when she retired at 65 everyone thought she'd taken early retirement (she'd always refused to tell everyone her age, until she invited them all to her 80th....)