Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nothing Doing Saturday

Still Sore

I am, that is, and I think Tucker is. Hard to say but he does look off in the hind leg sometimes, but then he goes off sound. He spent the night inside and will be in tonight. I did turn everyone out in the arena where there is no mud.

The rest of the place is pretty yucky. It has been raining for several days and rained again last night. Then it got quite warm this afternoon and the sun came out. But bad weather is predicted again overnight and it's supposed to cool off radically.

It would have been a nice day for some hacks but the hunters were out in full force. I heard gunshots all around. If tomorrow is dry, I may take Chance out and perhaps Toby, if my knees feel OK. They are really sore today and cleaning the stalls, as I needed to do, did not help.

Then, since I was turning the Boys out in the arena, I had to carry water to the tub out there. Then, I had to take the hay out to the field for them. So, I overdid the knee work again today, but there's not much I can do to avoid it. Some of the work just has to be done.

As it looks as if the storms are starting to kick up, I'll be going out in a few more minutes to bring the Boys in, feed, and do Tuck's feet with the thrush remedy. As far as the back leg goes, I think I feel heat in his foot. If there is an abscess brewing, being out in the wet footing is just about as good as soaking it. I'll just have to keep an eye on him to see if the leg is the problem instead of the hoof. I'm keeping him wrapped for support, regardless.

I'm kind of frustrated right now. Not much seems to be going right. I'm sure it will all work out, eventually, but I just need to muster the energy to slog my way through.


  1. You just get those "everything's a chore" times sometimes, don't you? I hope this one of yours ends soon.


  2. But can you not get one of this horse-crazy teenage girl to come to help you?
    They could do your chores ( cleaning stalls, poo-picking etc..), while you give them some tuition on long-lining, lunging and perhaps a bit of riding on Toby.

    With your teacher experience I am sure you can pick a nice girl, and keep her under control. You know teenager!

    You do NOT have to slave around your horses. they won't care if the work is done by somebody else!!!

    Give your knees time to recover!