Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bah, Humbug!

Why Can't The Weather Take a Holiday?

Woke up, as planned, just before 7 AM. All I heard was rain beating down on the skylight in the sunroom.

And it was not a pretty rain. I had sleet in it on a generally nasty Sunday morning.

So much for hacking in the woods. And so much for riding altogether. I rolled over and caught another hour or so of sleep.

After church it was still raining, so I went out to lunch with my choir friends. Then I headed to the tack/feed store to pick up some stuff I needed and to use at least one of the 25% off coupons offered for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Still raining and miserable when I got home. The Boys were alternating between standing by the hedgerow and, more wisely, hanging out under one of the three run-in options. They did have waterproof sheets on, so I guess they weren't too bothered by the wet.

I never do quite understand why horses will stay outside when they have available shelter, but so be it.

It is getting dark by 5 PM every day now, so there isn't much time to hack out after school during the week. The plus side is that the hunters who go out then are usually the more experienced guys so it's a little safer. If I do manage to get a horse out a day during the week, we will all be dressed in fluorescent colors, so none of us will look like deer.

For now, though, all plans were just a washout.


  1. We're arctic today!


  2. but we're wet...

    dunno,i think i prefer cold with no wind, at least that means no mud and you can do stuff.... wet just means more mud (and a bit of a wind...)