Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tomorrow to the Doctor

I Think I Kneed It Too

Going to my knee doctor again tomorrow. It is better, but not wonderful.

I didn't have to walk as much today as I was actually in my room all day. However, my students were in there along with the kids taking the test, so it was pretty disrupted. I really could not conduct a normal class so the kids had to read and work on their own instead of discussing the material.

They were good, though, so it all worked out.

The counselor who was originally supposed to be conducting the testing was in charge today and it was much better organized. She was frustrated by the whole series of events as well, but quite pleased at how well my students coped with all the mess.

Tomorrow? Who knows? I have good lessons for each class which a substitute teacher can easily handle. The students know they are responsible for the work. All could go smoothly--or fall apart as it usually does when I am not there.

One thing I do know. Very few of the classes that came into the rooms to be tested behave as well as my kids do. And very few of the other teachers seem to think a class should behave as I expect my classes to. My next door neighbor was really upset after school today as she had seen some of the testing going on. Some of her materials had been damaged, used, abused during the course of the day and her room was a mess. I'd straightened up my room at least twice and her room once during the day. Finally, after one class was done testing and my room was again in disarray, I said something and the kids/teacher managed to at least set my desks back in order.

Whenever I use someone else's classroom, I try to leave it neater than when I came in. Guess I am just too old fashioned. *sigh*

The Boys all were fine and still shod when I got home. I was a wee bit late as I'd stopped at the grocery store to get some soup ingredients and some oatmeal for breakfast. Toby was quite eager for his dinner and I had to remind him of his manners so he didn't knock me out of the way to get his grain. He is very easy to correct, so it was not a big issue.

Tucker likes to crowd me too, so I shook my finger at him and he tried hard to be polite. I think they are finding it hard to be patient as I gingerly limp my way down the aisle. The step up and down into the feed room takes a little extra effort too, all slowing me down.

I keep telling them I'm lame, but they don't seem overly impressed.

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  1. And very few of the other teachers seem to think a class should behave as I expect my classes to.
    speaking like a true horse trainer ^-^ I know that what you mena LOL!

    I hope your doctor gets you sound soon.

    (((((((((healing vibes))))))))