Wednesday, October 18, 2006

In Honor of PJ's Memory

The New Adoptee

PJ's Folly can never be replaced, but in honor of his life, I have adopted a youngster who needed a home.

Romantic Chance is a three year old American Warmblood who had been under the care of Crossed Saber Stables for several months now. Taking a chance on Chance, I adopted him.

I had been told he was 16h, but when he arrived, he measured at only 15.1, so he is, in comparison to Toby and Tucker who stand at 16.1 and 16.3 respectively, quite a little fellow. Still he is only 3 which leaves a year or so for growing up and definitely time for filling out.

On the plus side, he is straight legged, and not a bad little mover. If he has a good solid temperament, I hope, at the very least, he will become a good general riding horse and a quiet hack on the trail. At the most, he might make a nifty little dressage mount.

Only time will tell.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sorrow at Follywoods

PJ's Folly Passes Away

On Saturday, October 7, 2006, I woke to the tragic sight of PJ's body lying in the paddock near the barn. After nearly 27 years of life, with over 22 of them in my care, the old fellow's great and generous heart finally failed him.

He had overcome a nearly fatal colic in August and been named a miracle horse by the vets at Mid Atlantic Equine Hospital. Unfortunately, the miracle lasted for only two more months.

There was no sign of struggle. It looks like he just dropped and died soon after. For that I am grateful, but the pain still tugs every time I think of him.

PJ was one of the kindest and gentlest horses I have ever known. He had a quiet strength and giving spirit. He could certainly be a handful, especially if his excitement got the best of him, and he was not always an easy ride. But there was not an ounce of meanness in him. He was always ready to try, and gave his all.

I was blessed in owning him and sharing many wonderful years in his presence. May the pastures of heaven be ever green for him and the grass swift beneath his feet.

Rest in Peace, my sweet boy.