Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smile for the Camera

OK, I realized I haven't posted many pictures of the Boys. Since I cannot photograph myself riding, it does get kind of hard to get action shots. I did try some pics of Tuck on the long lines tonight, as I gave him a short work.
First, Tucker on the lines, trotting, then cantering. It is hard to long line and take pictures at the same time!!
Tucker at the trot
Tucker at the canter.
Then, I "tied" (looped the reins over a little tree branch that would break if anything happened--more a psychological "tie" than anything.) and took some still shots. Herewith the photo gallery.

Chance's head shot

Chunky Chance's body shot. He's not quite this light in color

Toby's head shot.
Toby's body shot. Not the best pose. And he does look older now.
Tucker's body shot. Uhm, a bit of a chunk too, eh? He is not downhill as the picture looks!!
Tucker's head shot. I think he likes to pose!

I have a good friend who once spent a day taking pictures of Toby and PJ for me. Out of the lot, very few were really good. Getting really good horse pictures is an art and usually the bulk of the ones you take are not the best. Still, for a really quick shoot I didn't do too badly. But, for sure, I need to spend some time doing it right.
And, I should have done it when they were all slick and shiny in their summer coats!! Winter coats just don't do them justice.
And I do fear Tucker looks really fat in the pics. I don't see that when I watch him in person (horseon) but perchance the camera does not lie?? He also does not look as tall in the pictures. He stands a touch over 16.3. Maybe I should try a lower camera angle. How do they make those Hollywood starlets look so good, anyhow??


  1. Tucker is a poseur taht is for sure ^-^

    Photos are a clue of how the horse is. I was shocked by some photo taken of Morgan, I did not realise that he lost so much condition.

    But I doubt they give a real idea how the horse is really, because depending the anlge you can make a horse fat or slim. Better ask your trainer or your vet, who see many horses.
    They will give you a better idea.

  2. Toby looks a lot like an eventer I used to ride.
    I am always shocked at how my horses look in pictures. I think it is because it give you time to actually study them rather than just looking at them everyday. It isn't often that a horse will stand stock still for you to evaluate them for as long as you want!
    I am a weight tape addict. If I think one of the horses is looking over/under weight I am out there with the weight tape to make sure they don't fall out of their 'optimum range' for breed, build and height.

  3. He does look a little burly Jean :-)))

    Zippy's head is downright ugly in pictures, I don't recognise him as the pretty Araby headed horse I see in the yard!


  4. i think two things on getting decent photos, which is always hard ...

    1. go lower - hard with dodgy knees, I know ...

    2. get lucky - i got really lucky with that headshot of molly i use as an avatar, and it's cut down from someting else ...