Thursday, November 13, 2008


Much Better, Thank You

My knee was full of fluid. 6 syringes full. My doctor does not know why. I must have knocked something out of place.

At any rate, he treated my other knee with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy which helps the damaged tissues regenerate and heals damage using my own stem cells. Too long to explain.

However, I am on Dr. Magaziner's webpage at: testifying to the success of his treatments. That's me, for sure. *G*

Anyhow, after getting rid of all that swelling, my knee/leg feels 100% better. That is not to say perfect as it still has chronic issues, but WOW, what a difference. I am taking some antibiotics just to be sure the inflammation was not caused by some kind of infection and tests are being done. As well, my right knee was not treated with the PRP just to be safe.

I have a follow up appointment for next week.

No riding today anyhow as it is cold and RAINING.

And....Tucker was lame this morning. I thought I saw something last night, but I was so consumed with my own discomfort, I really didn't trot him out. I just caught what I thought might be an off step when he went in to eat, did a quick check to be sure his shoe was still on, and limped back into the house. This morning, it was pretty evident. He is limping at the walk on his left front.

That's the one he stepped on the toe clip with. When my vet was here to find the hock soreness, she said she thought he might be a little off on that front. Every now and then when I was working him, I thought I saw a "not quite right" step, but it was only fleeting. Now, if all those observations were correct, whatever it was has definitely become "something."

This time, I called my shoer first. If it is something in his hoof, he should be able to find out. He and the substitute shoer will come by tomorrow sometime to look Tuck over. The Boys are due anyhow, so the timing is OK. I just hope there is not another abscess, but I am suspicious. If it's not that, I guess it's back to calling the vet.

And I still haven't fully paid off the last visit. *sigh*

I dropped by MacDonald's (yes, Caroline, your favorite) on the way home from the doctor and there I met up with Dr. Schenck, my former small animal vet. He is in a practice not too far away, specializing in acupuncture and chiropractic work on small animals. We had a great time talking as we ate our burgers and fries. He was one of the first vets in NJ who used acupunture to treat animals, some 25+ years ago. His enthusiasm for alternative treatments has not diminished one bit. Apparently he is 74 now--a very young 74--and still very active in his practice. Ha had some really cool stories to tell about his experiences.

He also does NAET testing for animals to test for allergies and other conditions. I may decide to take my black kitty Reggie to him at some point. Reggie is a compulsive groomer and has some thin fur on his belly and hind legs where he has overgroomed himself. Dr. Schenck suggested allergies might be a cause. NAET therapy allows for desensitizing to a lot of allergens, so it might be worth a shot. It's not serious with Reggie, but I'd like to see him less consumed with his grooming habits.

I find holistic therapies and natural treatments so fascinating. I always wonder just how many medications we really do need to keep healthy when there are so many safer alternatives.


  1. My cat did the overgrooming thing with a flea allergy.

    I missed out today and had to settle for a Burger King. I don't like their burgers so it was a beanburger instead :-(

    Your knee sounds horrendous!!


  2. I am very interested in alternatives medecines, for chornic condition, but for an emergency intervention I prefer occidental medecine.
    It tickles me when people use herbal medecine, which are not properly regulated instead of a normal proper medecine, which might be synthetical synthesised BUt it is usually from a vegetal origin.

    I am all for accupuncture.

    I hope your knees get better soon, and that you will be riding again three horses/day ^-^