Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Am I Right, Or What?

Monkey wrench in the works for tomorrow.

The replacement classroom will not be available as the Superintendent of Schools needs to use it for a meeting. Thus, I have no place to take my classes.

The Principal, at least, does not want me hiking all over the building trying to find a place to roost. He proposes I use the classroom next door to mine even though it too is needed for testing. I am not at all sure how that's going to work out.

Frankly, I was just about ready to simply take the day off and let someone else worry about it. Trouble is, I have started some good lessons with each of my classes--in the replacement room-- and am not too keen on having them all disrupted. As it is, I have a knee doctor's appointment on Thursday, but I have good follow up materials all prepared--if the substitute teachers should happen to assign them. (Been having some problems with that too despite having left 4 copies of lesson plans the last time I went to the doctor.)

Had the replacement room all set up for tomorrow when I found out I couldn't be there. So I had to undo all the set up. Bummer again.

And, my kids will have no idea where to go for class either, so that just adds to the confusion and ruination of effective teaching.

The good news is that Tucker's shoes were on when I came home. Still have to see what's up when I go out for late feed. I'll leave him in overnight again just to be safe and to let his thrush dry up.

The bad news is I had water all over the hardwood floor in my bedroom. I think I have a leaking radiator, but I can't quite see where. I spent a good hour sopping and drying and moving things about to get all the dampness up. But part of the floor is pretty messed up. It might be restorable, or it might need replacing. That, though is not a high priority with me. If I stay here forever, it doesn't matter. If I decide, at some point, to sell and move out, it does. So there. I have no plans to move. There may be a leak in another room too, but if so, it's not as bad.

More bummer, eh? Not having the best of autumns.

When I went to take out the trash and recyclables for pickup tomorrow, the Boys were all in the paddock by the house, just kind of hanging out. I should have stuffed their cute faces with carrots, but I was preoccupied with the trash and my knee. I will make up for it at late night snack and treat them then.

They are always ready to "snoopervise" any kind of chores I am doing. Guess I serve as entertainment. Pretty sad.

Maybe I should sign them up for cable TV.


  1. Blimey, and I thought teaching was just teaching!


  2. sounds like a lot of grief to me, jean....over here, we'd say that your school couldn't organise "a piss up in a brewery"..... don't know what your equivalent of that would be