Sunday, November 16, 2008

And I Lost Again

The Great Saddle Shop Drawing

Every year around this time, our local saddle shop has a drawing for a $1000 gift certificate for the store. They also have a 20% off everything in the store sale and you get a ticket for each $50 purchased. This sale includes feed.

Since I bought alfalfa cubes for the Boys I had some tickets. I have gone to the drawing every year for who knows how long. (Well over 10 years.) Once again, I did not win!

To make matters worse, I tried on a washable Pikeur dressage coat while I was there and it fit so well and looked so good on me I had to buy it. At least I got the 20% discount.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my friend called about her shoer. Apparently her horse has popped a shoe as well, so she needs repair. If we can get her guy to come I'll have him tack Tucker's shoe back on. So far the shoe is staying in place--with Tuck stuck in his stall, so no damage is being done.

Actually with Tucker sore on his hind leg with no certain diagnosis, his being in is not entirely bad, but I would like to get him out for a little exercise. Trouble is, lunging him might not even be an option with my knee, but we will see. I have a really heavy duty brace I can put on that might work.

Right now it's all just a waiting game.

Tuck wears bell boots all the time, but for some reason they just don't keep him from grabbing those shoes. I wonder if there are some kind of other boots that might help. I know they use "grab boots" on some race horses, so I will investigate to see what's out there.

As for the $1000? Guess I'll just have to try again next year.


  1. Oh yes. now you mention it. I know what they are ... the grabs boots. Alessia used them on her pony mare.
    But they are really difficult to put on, I do not know how long a horse can wear them for ???

    Here is a link to some of them:

  2. How big bell boots do you use Jean? I used to use massively oversized ones on my shoe-puller and they worked really well.


  3. Large bell boots that more than touch the ground around his hoofs.

    Suppose I could try X large, but I've had bigger ones on and he trips on them. Wonder if his landing on his head is worse than losing a shoe.