Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not the Day to Try

Cold and Windy Again

I'm not even sure the arena thawed out enough to ride today. My water hose was frozen so I had to carry buckets to the water trough.

The Boys probably would have been fine, but it was windy and cold enough that I'd rather not try it. My knee feels pretty good at the moment, and I'd like to keep it that way.

I did take the trailer to pick up 17 bags of horse feed and my friends sons came over to unload it for me. There are still a number of bags in the trailer, but that's fine as they will stay dry in there until I need them. And at that point, I should be able to unload them myself or simply use the trailer as my feed room.

I also need to mow the leaves on the lawn to chop them up and cart off my fallen and trimmed branches, but that too can wait. Thanksgiving is this week, so I will have a half day of school on Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday off. If the weather cooperates, I can get at least a little done using the tractor.

The Boys were so cute when the grain was being unloaded. Tucker, of course, was head snoopervisor and completely distracted the younger son by hanging his head over the gate just looking to be petted. What a ham!

I have a feeling the sight of the feed bags was what was really intriguing him, but he at least acted affectionate. Could be he'd missing the attention from me too as I haven't been hanging out there too much for the last two weeks.

The guy at the feed store said he heard we are in for a cold, snowy winter. Not my favorite kind of weather.

But, as they say, we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. Windy and cold here too but sunny.

    I am glad you get some help ^-^

  2. snoopervisor - marvellous word!!

    We had the extreme cold too.