Friday, November 07, 2008

And Another Day Passes

Still Very Wet

Things did not dry out too much since it rained again last night. Today was warm, but cloudy and still with no wind and very little, if any sunshine.

Taking the tractor out to do some work would rut up the lawn even more and I'd probably have some issues in the paddocks. It's not a deep mud yet, but a wet, surface, slippery mud. The stalls need stripping, but I'm not sure I could get the tractor in and out of where it needs to be without digging up some places I don't want all rutted this time of year.

I did some housecleaning instead and then went to an area pharmacy to get a flu vaccine. Don't know if I had the flu last year, but those weeks I spent with that darn fever were so miserable, I figured I might as well take out some insurance with a vaccine.

I did a bit of shopping on the way home, picking up some groceries.

Then, after listening to President Elect Obama's first news conference, I went out to long line Tucker.

Oh, my but he was good. Even with the mud puddles all over the arena and the very soggy footing, he was steady, forward, and obedient. He really did look good out there. Nice, forward, relaxed gaits. Sometimes he needed a bit more energy, but his rhythm was nice and steady.

I am hoping he will carry some of that into his lesson tomorrow morning. The trainer, Jamie, is the one I watched a couple weeks ago. I know she will want to work us hard so I will have to speak up if I feel Tucker getting tired or needing a break. He is pretty fit, but I don't want him to get sore again. It will be interesting to see what exercises she has us do.

More showers are in the forecast and the week ahead doesn't look too great either. Guess it's typical fall weather after an almost too dry summer.

Did anyone see the news about the Western US? Snowstorms!! Drifts of up to 10 feet in some places. It will miss us this time, but we won't always be so lucky.

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  1. still warm here ... and not much water *sigh*
    Perhaps snow and rain later on .. I hope.

    I realise that if I ever want to keep horses at home, I will need a covered-school or school made of very drained ground.

    Hmm something to really consider before keeping horses at home ...