Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lawn Repair

Well, I Never Did Need a Gorgeous Lawn

It is SO wet out there. When the rain let up, I went out thinking I might at least lunge Tucker. But the arena was under water. It needs a good raking/dragging but it is far too wet to do that. We need some sun and/or wind to dry things out a bit.

Instead I decided to see what I could do with the badly hoofed lawn.

Well the drag worked, but now I have muddy grass or grassy mud. It will grow in, eventually, and I do plan on putting down some seed, but that too will have to wait until things dry out a little more. Then I can seed and drag again to set it in without digging up too much more mud.

Right now, everything is a mess as it often is with rainy weather this time of year. Hope this is not a prelude to a wet winter. My knees and I do not appreciate the mud.

And I still have to properly fix the fence around the arena so Tucker can go out there when it's really muddy so he keeps his shoes on.

All I can say is *SIGH*


  1. {{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}
    Make yourself a nice cup of cocoa, and brace yourself, it is WINTER at last ^-^

    Soon it will be spring and less mud and then summer hot and sticky.
    Have you booked any lesson for working Tucker?

  2. Winter...we've not had summer :(((

    I was wondering what your take on Obama was...

  3. Tucker has a lesson on Saturday.

    New trainer. We shall see.

  4. well you knew you wanted something to do with half term week....

  5. Jean's an Obama man Nicola, she posted a few days ago when you were offline. What I see of him on telly looks better and better. He is so statesmanlike already.