Sunday, November 23, 2008

Everyone Looks Sound

Sounder, Than I Am, For Sure

I lunged each Boy for about five minutes just to see how he looked.

Tucker does not look footsore in front, so the thrush is not bothering him. His hind end looked just fine too, so whateve was going on with that leg seems to have resolved itself.

I lunged Chance next. He always warms up just a little short on that one hind leg, but after he gets going, he looks fine too. He got very silly during his session as Toby and Tucker were starting to romp around in the paddock next to the arena. I must say, Chance's galloping on canter looks just fine too. *G*

It took a bit of bribery to catch Toby but once I did he trotted out strongly. Then Tucker wandered into the arena, and when I went to chase him, Toby bolted off, stepped on an snapped the lunge line--it's pretty old-- and just keep trotting and trotting around me in a circle as if he were still on the line. I had trouble stopping him so I could reattach the line. He was on total autopilot. But he surely did look good at liberty.

I'd cleaned all the stalls pretty thoroughly using the tractor, so at that point, I was thinking maybe I'd done enough with my knee for the day. Instead, I poo picked the arena, planning on perhaps dragging it after I was done as it had pretty much thawed. But, trying hard to listen to my body for a change, I decided against it, fed the Boys and came back into the house to settle in for the rest of the night.

The Family Channel, TV, is showing Christmas movies all weekend, anticipating the upcoming holiday season which officially starts right after Thanksgiving on Thursday. I figure I'll just hang out and watch a few.

I'll be curious as to how my knee feels in a few hours--or in the morning.

If it's OK and the weather is OK and the time is OK, I hope to ride at least one horse tomorrow.



  1. I hope your knee feel good this morning. *it* would have the right to fill a complain ^-^

  2. Well I'm hardly the one to ask if you're allowed to ride, am I :-) ???