Monday, November 24, 2008


Nearly Forgot I Had A Meeting

Tonight. And I stayed a bit late at school doing some computer things.

When I did get home it was nearly dark. I fed the Boys and figured I go out after I ate supper to do some kind of work. Then, I remembered my meeting.

We have--our local environmental/preservation group, the EVA--a grant to do a project for the State Park behind my house. We really need to get something going as far as some good solid plans. Some of the work may be able to be done in the winter, but it really is a spring/summer project, so we have time, but there is a lot of planning to do first.

Probably just as well about not riding. My knee is a bit sore after the day at school.

However, now Chance's good sheet is ripped. It is supposed to rain/shower tomorrow as well. I am not sure I have another one that will fit him to keep him dry. That means I need to repair this one tonight. In the meantime, I will look to see what else he can wear just in case the mending fails. There is a strip of sheet torn from his wither all the way to his rump.

These are, by the way, good, strong nylon "ripstop" sheets with waterproof liners. "Ripstop: the rip stops here...but starts over there."

I am going to have to start taking the sheet replacement money out of the carrot fund.

Do you think that will discourage the destruction?


  1. Haha! I hate it when that happens with blankets! Titan destroyed his blanket last year in about 2 hours because he was having too much fun playing with it. He managed to get out of it and then would toss it in the air and run and then go pick it up nd drag it and then toss it in the air and run. My neighbor saw him and he didn't go out to take the blanket away.

  2. Also I have tagged you on my blog

  3. Oh not you too! I mis-timed a meeting today too and threw my whole day into disarray!!


  4. rugs and horses - i don't care what the manufacturer's say, nothing is ever totally horse proof (and probably just as well, when it comes to accident potential). but frustrating nonetheless.

    i made my meeting - but it was someone buying me lunch LOL