Sunday, November 16, 2008


Knees and Shoes

I am not having a good month. The shoer put new shoes on Tuck and Toby on Friday. Yesterday, Tucker stepped on his right front shoe and "sprung it." It's still on, but bent away from his hoof. I took the bent nail out, but left the other one in and left the shoe on as it had not actually shifted...yet.

Called my shoer, but no call back yet. I have a feeling he's not happy with me. But I needed to get Tuck out for a bit, in the good footing of the arena. I cannot lunge him, nor ride him, nor even hand walk him with my knee like this and I had to clean his stall. So I set up the arena for turnout and put him out for a couple hours in the afternoon. Leave it to him to step on his shoe.

I am calling a friend to see who her shoer is so I have an emergency plan when something like this happens. Right now, it's really just a matter of resetting the shoe, so there's no fitting, etc. involved.


  1. surely it's the horse he should be unhappy with? but isn't it always like this with least it's not as deep at yours as it is at ours!

  2. Do you know why Tuck steps on his shoes?

    Can you turn him out with boot bell perhaps?

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh stuff and botheration!


  4. Tucker has bell boots on. Part of the reason he trods on himself is that his angles are a little steep in front, so he does not break over as quickly as he could. To help this the farrier sets his shoe back at the toe and really makes the shoe a rocker.

    As well, Tuck is very short backed and close coupled so it's easy for him to get his hind feet up to his front end.