Friday, November 14, 2008

Sore Knees, and Sore Horses

Never Take a Week Off

I have been limping out to the barn each day, not really bothering to do more than feed the Boys. No riding, of course. No lunging. And no real looking them over. And it's been wet and rainy nearly all week.

So what does my farrier find with Tucker? Thrush! When I cleaned his feet, I didn't notice it. Then again, I didn't do such a good job of that with my bad knee(s). It's actually easy to miss when their feet are muddy and wet. (Excuses, excuses.)

Then, to top it off, Tuck's hind leg is filled. (This I would have noticed so I think that just happened.) The shoer used the hoof testers back there and I think Tucker reacted quite a bit, so he may have a bruise or an abscess brewing. Unblievable. I have NEVER had so many hoof problems in all my years of owning horses. And all within the last several months.

Then, when the shoer pulled Toby's front shoe--the hoof where he stepped on his toe clip, he found evidence of an abscess or something draining. Tucker has not been lame--at least before this week. Again, could be something that brewed up over the last few days. I really haven't seen any of them doing much more than coming into the stalls for meals, so there could be limps I missed.

Honestly, at the moment I feel like a neglectful mom. But as bad as my leg was, there wasn't too much more I could have done. Now I really do think I lucked out last December when I had that fever for three weeks. Horses pulled through those weeks just fine. My knee has been a jinx.

Tucker is in the stall. Thrush X in his hoofies and a wrap on his hind leg. He thinks he is quite special.

Chance is fine.


  1. Good robust Chance! What Prima Donne are the TBs!

    I hope you all sson get better.

    Can thrush be that bad?
    I've never had a horse with thrush.

  2. well, we all miss stuff - molly's mudfever got as bad as it did because i'd missed the early signs....don't feel bad!