Monday, November 17, 2008

Pain in the Back

And Another Frustrating Day At School

OK, took my crutches in so my knee could get a rest. Found a subsituting slip taped to my mailbox. Again, I was going to have to hike down two hallways to cover a second period class.

Meanwhile, my classes--all but two--were doing computerized testing in my classroom. This will go on all week and I will have to conduct class in another room. So, I did manage to get some of my grade reports (due Friday) completed on my classroom computer while my students tested.

Then I limped and crutched my way to the subbing room only to find the Principal already there with another teacher. He figured someone else could take the class so I wouldn't have to drag myself down there, but he failed to tell me. Once I was there, there was no point in limping back, so I stayed to cover. I knew all the kids anyhow so that part was fine.

But, when I tried to use the teacher's computer in that room to keep working on my grades--no go. The regular teacher had somehow locked down the power supply so no one else could use the station. All her files are padlocked too, and the whole set up of the room is like a fortress. Downright strange. The computer systems all belong to the school, not to the teachers, but some teachers seem to think they have the right to keep everyone else off. My computer is open to anyone who has a school password, and my subs are welcome to use it any time. I have my own password for my network drive and files, so no one can really access my stuff without it, so what's the problem?? Yeesh.

So another class period went by with my not being able to do any of the work I needed to finish.

Next period, my computer class was moved to the replacement room where there are laptop computers on a cart. But they were locked up and we couldn't use them either. We ended up just kind of hanging out for the period talking about college applications and such since we couldn't do any kind of regular assignments.

Spent the next period in my room, testing, then left for another class in the replacement room. I had a worksheet all ready on the story the kids were supposed to read last week when I was out at the doctor's. I'd left four (4, count'em, 4!!!) copies of lesson plans on my desk with all the assignments my students needed for the day. The afternoon subs never gave the kids the assignments, and I didn't see one copy of the plans left anywhere. So, that class could not do today's work, and I had no copies of the story for them to read in the replacement room. Instead, I invented an assignment. *sigh*

Back to my regular room for more testing and then, finally my preparation period. I stayed at my computer working on grades, but there were two other teachers there with their classes for testing and, as I turned out, I was the only one who understood how the testing program worked, so I ended up spending a good part of the class period helping them get kids signed on, etc. (the Counselor whose job it was did not come in until well into the class period. And she was subbing for the Counselor who was supposed to do the job, so she didn't even know all the passwords and test program tricks.) Good thing I ran this testing about 4-5 years ago and still had some of my notes as to how to access features.

My final class of the day was testing, and by then I just about had managed to get all my grades squared away. I still have some rechecking to do, but I was essentially caught up. Good thing as I will not be in my room for the rest of the, wait, one period tomorrow for my other class to be tested.

In case you didn't know, this is what teachers do doing the day, along with teaching, of course. I honestly did not have more than my 30 minute lunch and perhaps another 15 minutes to myself all day in order to get my work done.

After school I went to the chiropractor as my back was really bad--a consequence of all the limping about.

Then, when I got home, I saw Tucker's stall door open and I almost had a panic attack.

Luckily, my shoer's assistant had come by in the afternoon and fixed Tucker's shoe. Then, he turned him out. I am going to put him in for the night and let him out in the sand paddock tomorrow. He won't be all that happy, but he will be out in the best footing I have. Don't know what else to do at this point except just keep my eye on his shoes.

Looking forward to tomorrow's adventure at school. I set up all the materials I need to teach after school today, so I THINK I am set. Then again, someone will surely throw some kind of monkey wrench into my plans.

Can't wait to see just what kind of wrench it is. *G*


  1. now, what was that about retirement?

  2. Made me tired to read it Jean!