Monday, December 01, 2008

Can I Rewrite An Old Blog Entry?

Tucker's Lost a Shoe (Where have you heard that before?)

No comment beyond the fact that it is muddy. It's the OTHER shoe, the one my farrier's assistant did not reset. It was on this morning, gone tonight.

He is now locked in again. There is no other option as I cannot afford to have him bruise his foot.

As I needed another chiropractic adjustment for my lower back issue tonight, I was home after dark so I could not do a shoe search. That will have to wait until morning. Guess I will be getting up early.

I was not planning on riding because of the chiro, so that was not messed up, at least.

What I need to find is some kind of protective boots that fit him well enough that he can work if he loses a shoe. The ones I have do not fit over a shoed foot, so when I get one on the bare foot he is uneven. Maybe I should get one size up. Then he could wear two and at least be sound enough to trot a little.

As far as the mud management goes, I am having fence problems with rails going down around the arena fence. Until I get that sorted, it is not a successful way of turning Tuck out only on the sand. I'm pretty sure Chance is the prime culprit in the fence demolition service.


  1. Oh I remember that so well. I had one who in the whole time I had her never went a full set without pulling one off. And another who did it as often as Tucker for 4 years. Aaaaarghhhhh!!


  2. Jean these boys have too much energy! If I were you I would cut their feed. They are not in competition work!

    If they spend their calories warming up , they won't mess about with their rugs or fences!

  3. there's bound to be a boot out there to suit....

    i remembered these:

    recently recommended - for barefoot, but worth investigating? might do the trick?

    in the meantime, one of those metal detectors? for shoe finding purposes!

    and finally - i don't know about anyone else, but it is generally taking me about 6 goes to comment, i usually get a page load error - goodness only knows why, doesn't seem to happen elsewhere!

    how's your knee?

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    ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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