Friday, October 03, 2008

Not In The Saddle Tonight

Decisions, Decisions

When I came home, the guy from the solar energy company was here to look over some of my wiring panels in preparation for intstalling my solar energy system.

He'd already introduced himself to the Boys, who were, apparently quite happy to entertain him in hopes of getting a treat. He didn't give them anything, but that didn't stop them from trying to convince him he was "Their best friend."

As it turned out, it took us a lot longer to figure out the details of both the installation and the financing. It's gotten kind of complicated, but it will all work out eventually. I really do believe installing the system is the right thing to do, but for now it will be costing me some extra money until I can pay off the loan.

The whole process took up the time I'd normally use for riding. I could be riding now, but I am going to go back to school shortly for a theater performance, so the time is too tight.

That means the Boys have the night off...again.

So the horse blog continues to be riderless, though not quite horseless.

By the way, the solar panels are going on top of the barn. I'm sure the Boys will appreciate that. Should be fun watching them watching the installers installing.


  1. As I was reading through some of your older posts I realized that I have had animals with all of your horses names. I had a cat named Toby (October- that is when I found him and I was 7 so I wasn't very creative), Tucker (my chocolate lab that just passed away last week) and Chance (my QH gelding that I sold a few years ago that went on to be top ten at the QH congress). I just thought that was a little funny.

  2. I applaud your commitment to alternative energy! It makes so much sense. I hope there are some tax incentives available to make it a bit easier.


  3. very interesting. I am curious about solar sysetm. i wonder if it is really efficient.
    how much energy shall it produce for you?

  4. We hope to have some solar panels next year :-)


  5. Your still doing better than me at the minute think I must be averaging once a week in the saddle at the minute!