Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pics From the Play and Horse Update

Jessica portrayed the girl killed on prom night.
Link Doesn't Work Too Well

I am borrowing these photographs from: JASON TOWLEN/MyCentralJersey, online. I can't get the link to the newspaper to work well enough and it might not be accessible across the pond.

The street racers, Scarlett, Dan, and Monica.

Gabe, the young photographer killed while chasing the sunset.

And Emily, the heavy metal rocker who played her music too loudly.

Took me a while to find these as the newspaper had the play listed as "The Other Side of Stick River Bridge." It's actually called, "The Other Side of Stick River Road." The photos are nice, though and convey a good feel for the talent of our students, I think.

We have one DVD completed. It's OK, but the sound is not really good as it was recorded from the back of the theater with no microphones. The technician is editing a better version now. Still, nothing quite conveys the "feel" of seeing a live performance, especially in a play like this.

Horse Update: I lunged Chance tonight. Sent him over a small jump as well.

What I like most watching him is how he has relaxed about his body. He no longer looks as if he is concerned about his balance and his gaits are soft and relaxed. He jumped quietly as well, not at all excited about the effort.

I rode Tucker. He gave me a bit of "attitude" about my leg against his side when I asked him to step into the bit. I tried the canter early on, had no issue with the left lead and none with the right when I trotted across the diagonal for the change. But at some point things fell apart and when I asked for the right lead again, we had some mini-bucks. Nothing big, but I certainly do not trust him not to escalate. So I growled at him and gave him a good bend in front. From then on the departs were fine. I'm not sure if he still aches a little or if it is a challenge to my aids.

I took him over the same little jump and he was really good about it. I have lost just about all my expertise at jumping, that's for sure. (Used to think nothing of tackling 3'6" or higher in my past career.) Now, a foot and a half is a challenge. Of course, I could work at it if I really wanted to, but I don't want to. However, I certainly think every horse should jump at least a little and it is good for dressage horses.

After I finished up over the tiny jump, I took it down and did some lateral work. Haunches in, shoulder in, and then half pass at the trot. Both directions were just fine. The canter half pass might be revealing, but I didn't try it tonight.

I have to save something for another day. *G*


  1. Intreguing, From what I can tell by characters, sounds like an interesting play.

  2. Fantastic photos Jean.


  3. Great photos! No DVD can express the vibes from a play. The same for a Dressage performance, YouTUbe does not give credit to a Dressage rider performing. Perhpas that is why Anky & Salinero win. I saw her "live", they have lots of charisma.

    I love the way that you think that hal-pass at the trot is so easy ^-^

  4. Wow impressive pics!

  5. jsust catching up here jean, sorry for not doing so this week, one of those weeks! and i've not near the excuses you have.

    they are really good photos - shame the paper got the title wrong.

    so you had one of the characters be a ghost of someone killed, do i gather?