Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday Off

And Me Off

I took the morning off from school because my neck was so sore I'd hardly slept all night. I went to the chiropractor, got adjusted and felt immediately better. Then I went to school and taught all my afternoon classes.

I had a physical therapy appointment after school. That took up over an hour and by the time I was heading home it was getting dark. It's so frustrating this time of year. The clocks will be going back an hour this coming weekend, so I will have even less daylight when I get home each day.

Since Monday is traditional horse day off, I had not planned on riding. Another possible regret because by 8 or 9 PM it started raining and, according to the forecast, is supposed to rain all day and into the evening.

It's also suddenly gotten quite chilly. The Boys are wearing waterproof sheets--their slightly heavier ones. I'd had the lightweight ones on and Chance was soaked anyhow, so I swapped to the heavier ones. The big boys hog the run in on the west side of the barn and Chance tends to hang out nearby--in the rain. While I do feel sorry for him, he has plenty of options, including the new run in, or the stalls and run in on the other side of the barn. He's very independent about hanging out on his own other times, so I don't know what this is all about.

Guess he won't melt.


  1. Oh so sorry for you. Do you think there is a connection between you riding the three horses and teh blocked neck?

    Just wondering?

    {{{{{healing vibes}}}}
    The weather is hcanging here, getting cooler, I can feel my fractured vertebrea :-(

  2. Our clocks went back this weekend just gone. It's getting dark outside already and not five o'clock yet.

    Ditto, a sudden cold snap here and I can feel my shoulder and my metal plate. It snowed this afternoon :-( !!