Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Handsome Chance posing on the snow day.


Unbelievable. The rain changed to snow this morning somewhere around 10 AM and for a while it looked like a raging blizzard.

The roads are supposedly slippery and they had to plow and shovel the sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots on the school grounds. It is wet, miserable, sloggy, slippy, and downright uncomfortable out there.

Fortunately, the Boys are switched over into their heavier waterproof sheets, as I noted earlier, but they might have been just as well off in winter blankets. I am sure they would have been quite comfy even with the extra insulation.

Tucker and Toby sharing the east side run in
I am not looking forward to the utter sogginess the snow causes. And the mud.
Had to laugh. The alert expressions on The Boys' faces were caused by the overturned black trough covered in snow. Both Toby and Chance were spooking at it. *lol*
The spots on the pics are from the rain on the camera lens. Some of the snow had already started to melt by the time I got home as it was raining again. The horses' sheets were wet but they seemed just fine.
When I tried to get the pictures, Chance just kept moving towards me. The head shot was a lucky one when he spotted that trough and "froze" for the camera. A second later, he bucked and bolted off, snorting. Silly boy. He does look awfully cute and I think this picture captures his character and intelligence. He is a very clever fellow.

I also do not have the fence fixed in the arena to allow me to turn Tucker out there should the mud get really bad.

The early snow has caught me completely unprepared.

All I can say is, "ICK!!!!"

My back yard and paddock in the first snow of the season.


  1. caught everyone jean - it tried to snow where i am in wilmslow, there's a report of snow in the scottish borders and a few other places... far too early!

  2. We want it! We need it! Please send us some snow rain sleet anything! We need WET stuff!

    It rained two drops yesterday :-(
    We need rain like that for at least three months!

    Chance is cute, but Tucker is a stunner.
    Sorry, I adore bay horses ^-^

  3. Exactly the same here Jean. Snow tonight.

    And Chance's head is EXACTLY like Jazz's only he has an even white stripe where Jazz's is half width above the noseband.


  4. Am I the only one who remembers Russell R? No dedication to him? I must be dating myself. These are beautiful horses though.

  5. lovely photos, though, jean....

    and debra, jean mentions russell r with great regularity....

  6. A word of note: Debra is a good friend from school. This is her first visit to Follywoods. She was lucky enough to meet Russell R. in person.

    The only reason Russell is not part of the Follywoods dedication is because he never lived here.

    He along with sweet Si, the four year old I lost to colic surgery, have a huge part of my heart and I wish I had had them here in my backyard where I could have enjoyed their loving and generous company any time I wanted.