Saturday, October 04, 2008

Feeling Crummy

It's a Beautiful Day, Too

Frankly, I don't feel very well. The stuffy head, sniffles, and cough have worn me out. I had to go to the chiropractor early this afternoon as well since I was on the brink of a "neck out" headache and had to go back to bed after I'd fed the Boys and the kitties.

Stopped on the way home to get some broth and stuff to make chicken soup.

Then I had to go get alfalfa cubes for the Boys, and unload them.

By then, it was feeding time. I thought I'd feed the Boys and go back out to ride. But I came back inside, cooked up a nice pot of chicken soup and kind of crashed.

Guess I just need to rest.

Did go to the performance last night. It was a dance/theater production based loosely on Hoffman's short story, The Sandman. I had to read the story when I got home as I had only a passing familiarity with it. Once I did, the theater piece made much more sense.

However, the theater teacher whose professional company had created the piece, really wants my imput as it is still in workshop and they have hopes of getting it to New York eventually.

There were some brilliant elements including a combination of filmed performances interacting with a live actor. And some very talented dancers telling another part of the piece. What I am not sure of is whether it managed to communicate a very important part of the tale to the audience, and whether the audience would have to know the original short story in order to appreciate the stage interpretation.

When I have written for stage in the past, I always had to wrestle with just how much I needed to explain to my audience in order to tell the story I wanted to tell them. Sometimes being too subtle and indirect does not work.

This is not what I would call a "commercial" piece--something created for the general audience--but rather something that would appeal in an arts theater setting where people appreciate the more avant garde. I guess I will have to talk to the author (the teacher's husband) to find out just what kind of audience he wants to appeal to. It is a very interesting and complex issue to hash out.

I am flattered that my opinion is valued here. I hope I can contribute something to the whole process. It's definitely going to get my brain working.

Don't know what tomorrow will bring. I will give Tucker his bute in the morning and hopefully ride him a little after church. The weather is perfect, cool, crisp and wonderful. Wish I felt better.

Hey, my soup is pretty good!! I'm getting the hang of this cooking thing. *G*

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  1. Congrats on the soup! And I hope you feel better soon! I am just starting to get used to the fall weather and enjoying it as much as I can as it will be gone all too soon!!