Thursday, October 16, 2008

Even More Tired

But I Am Spiritually Fascinated

Went to the "Night of Spirit Communications." This was an actual medium/telepath who communicates with the dead and sometimes the living.

I cannot confirm anything she said to others but I had two interesting little sessions. Herewith the notes since I am too tired to write it all out in coherent sentences.

Ruth, my mom, (not a really common first name) told me to ease up a bit and not be so detail oriented. She too was particular but has learned it’s not that important, especially as an educator. (I had not told her I was a teacher as was my mother) Said she knew I was frustrated with the way things were (with the school) and wanted to see them changed. (I am) What I was doing would change things but I had to be careful within the political system of the school. (Our school is very political) I needed to be careful working the politics. The change would come, (she pointed to a poster, chart or something on the wall which showed the change) but other people were going to try to take the credit for it. (This may refer to the play, and yes, that is a serious possibility) Said I was strong, independent, strong enough to do it but I had to be careful. Went on to say that my mother was also a very independent women/self confident as well. (which she was.) She also said, though, that I was very smart and intelligent in handing such things and I would be able to work it all out successfully. She said I need to watch the end of my bed as my mother would come and sit on it when she was with me. Said the bed would indent and I'd notice it if I looked for it.

Maybe my Grandma talked to me. A milkman connected with the name Jack. Grandma used to deliver milk with a horse and wagon. Her name connected to the letter “D” (Family name, Dvorak?) At one time I think she had a horse named Jack. (Not sure he pulled the milk wagon, but I have a picture of her riding and I think it may be on Jack.) Anyhow, she said I had missed a chance at love/marriage. (Could be, though I have never exactly been proposed to.) I was, she said, “too busy” and didn’t have the time or courage to take the leap of faith. That, I guess was a little disappointing to her. Then she asked if I had problems with my foot. (Yes indeed I do.) Said my foot needed support…did I wear orthotics? (Yes I do.) Said Grandma wanted me to be sure I wore them (I was) as it could also cause problems with my back if I didn’t.

Nothing from the horses, but I don't think they needed to tell me anything. Some of the other people were really emotionally impacted. I have an open mind about all this, walking the fine line between believing and being skeptical enough to analyze things a bit. Nothing above that I could confirm or deny, but I must admit the orthotics statements kind of surprised me. I did not have "orthotic" type shoes on and don't think my foot issue was noticeable. Yet, she never mentioned my bad knees so that is equally strange.

Curious about the mention of politics in regard to our school. That was very significant. To top it, I was having a conversation with someone there today who was offering me advice as to just how to handle the tricky political situation of getting that play to go somewhere and accomplish something beyond our district. Though some things in that part of the "communication" were not really specific in many ways, the ways that they were specific were kind of startlingly so.

Suffice it to say I was both intrigued and fascinated by the evening.


  1. very intersting! I am like you I am skeptic but I alos belive. I dwell a bit into non-scientific "experiement" I can pick up a lot from people. I am that sensitive. The problem it influences me! Same with horses, my sensibility is too high.
    I must learn not to get "condition" by my environment.

    I can also pick up vibes from photos. But i keep it for myself. It is something that scares me a bit, I do not have much control over.

  2. I have updated my blog *grin* if you wait another 6 hrs I shall update for today (day 5) LOL

  3. I have added my last update on my blog ^-^

  4. well i'm very sceptical about that type of thing....

    and politics, whether capitalised or otherwise, get everywhere...