Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Am So Tired

The Play was a Smash Hit!

At least from all the comments I heard, the play "blew them away." Especially the powers that be. The Freeholders who are the political force behind the school system, the administrators there, and the miscellaneous audience members seemed more than impressed.

Why 10:30 AM and why so fast? The play was part of a kick off event to promote teen driving safety and the program was set for the morning with a luncheon. We had discussed this back in June and I kind of volunteered to write the play over the summer. The theater teacher agreed to produce it with her students on October 15, today, the week before the State of New Jersey's decreed teen safe driving week.

The time pressure built up because there was another production running in our theater/auditorium on October 8 in which a number of theater kids were involved, so thing were tied up. My play was cast and the students had the scripts to memorize. Once the other show finished up, we were in full swing.

Amazingly enough, we had our first full dress rehearsal this morning at 9 AM for the 10:30 performance. The dress went well, and about an hour later the house opened up and the play itself was on.

The performance was virtually perfect. The kids were tremendous. The stage technicians running the lights, sound, and visuals (there was a screen with videos projected on it at various points) were spot on. And the audience was totally involved right from the start.

All I can say is, "Wow!" A number of people asked if the show could go on tour to other schools. We are filming a DVD to be distributed around the county's high schools and I have already written up a study guide to go with it.

These young actors pulled off an almost impossible task at a close to professional level.

And one of the administrators I know fairly well came over to me to tell me he was crying during the show as he was so moved, and he was even finding himself tearing up as he was telling me this. The actors had said if they made the audience cry, they had done their job.

The job was done.

I am, however, exhausted. My legs hurt from standing up so much. I did my part well, I guess. Hard to say, but I felt pretty good.

The Boys will have to wait until the weekend for some work. Tomorrow is the "Night of Spirit Communications," and Friday I have a jewelry party to go to. (Not that I need any jewelry--but it's a good friend.)

Rigth now I could use a good nap. Maybe I will head out to the run-in shed. *G*


  1. Congrats! Sounds like it went amazingly well! I am sure the boys are enjoying the time off chilling in the sun.

  2. jean, thinking, that good it should be more than state wide - we have that problem here as well! get it out there....

    and congratulations.