Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rain Again????

Well, I Might Have Missed the Raindrops...or Not

But, I decided to do some quick shopping after school and, on the way, passed my hairdressers. Since I needed a cut, I dropped in.

That would have been just about the time I would have saddled up somebody to ride.

What timing that would have been. The skies opened in rain/wet snow showers. It was not pretty.

The sad part was that the day had been windy enough to dry out the footing so it would have been decent riding. Now, with the new rain, it's wet again.

And it's cold.

I'm glad I left the heavier sheets on the Boys for the day as they needed them. I'm not too sure about tomorrow as it still doesn't look to be warming up, but on Friday, the forecast is for temps in the 60's F.

Suffice it to say that when I did get home, the Boys and the kitties were quite pleased to see me. The Boys had plenty of hay so I wasn't too worried about them. And the kitties had dry food in two bowls. However, they always want that canned food. And Paprika, the outdoor stray, needs his food too.

I would be nice to think I am so well greeted when I get home purely out of love, but I fear tummies are the stronger motive. *lol*


  1. Rain, we would love rain, it just drips water here.
    But we have GALES, that blew away 6 stalls and wounded a horse.
    I will write it up later in my blog.

    Bloomin' weather, we only want rain or snow!

  2. Love vs food .... Two of mine will come for a cuddle after they've eaten. I figure that's love???