Saturday, October 11, 2008

OK, Well I Horsed Around, A Little

Lazy Saturday

I went out to breakfast with two of my very best friends, Shelley and George, this morning. The three of us were a team in the community theater and formed a tight bond. Now they live quite a distance away and we don't often see each other.

I did manage, however, to lock my keys in the car when I got to the diner. Had to call the auto club to open it for me. Actually George ended up taking care of it as my auto club card was in my car. No charge for either of us on our plans so no problem there. Haven't done something that dumb in years.

We had a really good time. Shelley is very busy now as a supervisor in a Northern New Jersey high school where she is starting an arts program with both theater and dance. If the play goes well I may send a copy to her to use with their students to encourage safe driving. We'll see. It all depends on what happens Wednesday.

Then I went to the chiropractor for a tune up as my neck was still "asking some questions" after the migraine.

I came home and I'm not too sure what distracted me, but I took a short nap and then headed out to the barn. The Boys wanted nothing to do with me. Even Chance took off with a snort and a flick of his heels. Chance!! What? Leave them alone for a few days and they all turn into wild stallions of the plains?

I took the halter and lead and went out to the pasture and just sat down with my back to them . The sun was lovely. Not too much later, I heard some snorting behind me and hoofbeats in the grass--walking, thank goodness. Tucker was headed my way with Toby not too far behind. Chance had been dancing around a short way off, totally baffled by my strange behavior.

Soon Tuck and Toby were grazing around me and I had to get up to avoid being trampled by their enthusiastic socializing. I caught Chance first as he'd decided I wasn't a monster after all and took him into the arena for a lunging session. He was super and never once pulled out to the left as he often does on the right rein.

I lunged Tucker next. He looked good with no sign of anything strange in his hind end. Chance was standing at the open gate to the arena and when I shooed him off with the whip, Tucker took that as a perfect excuse to bolt off in a mad, bucking gallop--never once putting any kind of extra tension on the line, by the way. He was really wound up, so I just let him act silly.

I must admit when I managed to drop him back into the trot, it was really forward and off the ground. He looked great!

I did not do anything with Toby except spray him with fly spray and give him a carrot. He is a bit lame due to the abscess. I'm not too keen on soaking it with the shoe on because that will loosen the shoe. So instead, I am washing it out and wrapping it with icthamol. I may put on an epsom salt poultice tonight in lieu of the soaking and change to the icthamol tomorrow.

Back inside, I have just finished up creating some classroom materials for the play study guide so teachers can use them along with the play.

Busy few days ahead. Apparently the Boys don't care if I ignore them. As long as I feed them, they are happy as can be.

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  1. it sounds like a good thing you had a bit of a break from the play.

    All play and no (horse)work makes Jack a dull boy?