Monday, October 06, 2008

No Ride Today

Monday Off

And a physical therapy/chiropractic appointment. So, I got home later than usual.

Toby was content as Tucker was hanging out right at his door.

No word from my shoer, but that's usual. He often calls the morning someone is coming. Still, it's frustrating as I feel so sorry for Toby.

My cold is still hanging on. I am on the verge again of losing my voice. Kind of hard to teach effectively using sign language. *G* Still, I just march along.

Still need to go out to soak Toby's foot and clean his stall. Better do it before I get too settled and content in here.

I did not soak Toby's foot, but just rewrapped it with the medication. With the bandage he was hardly limping on it. Still waiting for a call from my farrier.

I put Tucker on the cross ties in the aisle while I worked on Toby as it kept him calm. Tucker was very gracious about it so he got a big carrot treat.

Toby is hardly eating. I hope to entice him with a small bran mash at late feed. He is eating hay and drinking some water, so that's good. But he is such a worrier. It is really sad seeing him so upset. Even my hugs don't seem to help.

If my farrier does not come tomorrow, when I get home from school I will see if one of the hoof boots I have will stay on and let him go out for a while. I just can't risk his damaging his foot to the point of developing and abscess or bad bruise.


  1. You have terrible luck with shoes! I hope the farrier gets out soon and that Toby is feeling better! It is no fun to watch one of your babies in pain!!

  2. Jean we have so many immigrant children in some parts of this country that there are infant schools which are now teaching them (and the teachers) sign language because they don't understand English.