Friday, October 17, 2008

Tomorrow I Ride???

That's the Plan

I am not taking a lesson on Saturday even though Jamie, the other trainer coordinating with Gabriel, will be at the farm where I take my lessons. Since I have not ridden in nearly two weeks since the play production began, I decided it would be entirely unfair to test out Tucker's hocks or wear out Chance's muscles in a lesson. I will probably go over to watch at least two rides to get a feel for teaching style, etc. and perhaps introduce myself to Jamie.

Then, when I get back home--as that will be in the morning--I will saddle up a Boy or two and do a little schooling. If Toby is sound, we may go out on a hack in the woods. It is supposed to be chilly all day so I am hoping the bugs will be out of commission.

I was out tonight at a jewelry party, but I didn't buy anything. I was a very good girl. Met some good friends there and we had some nice chats.

Meanwhile back at school, the play phenomenon continues. I am filing a legal copyright of my script to protect myself and my play's future--that is the written version. The performance, however, has taken on a life of its own. The plan was to create a DVD of the performance, as I think I told you all before. Originally, it was to be finished in a week or so. Suddenly, the expectation is to have it complete on Monday. We will be filming the play again on Monday morning, however, so I don't quite know how that miracle will be accomplished.

From what I am gathering, the play had such an impact it has become the "talk of the town," or at least all the school Superintendent meetings or something. My Principal dropped by my room to ask me to send him, then the higher up academic supervisor an electronic copy of the study guide so they could prepare it for distribution with the DVD.

As this spirals out of control, I keep wondering where it will all end up. Apparently, a TV station in a nearby town wants the DVD as well. All of that is fine with me, but, since I now know the script is "that good," I would like to be able to sell or distribute it as I wish--hence the copyright which I should have filed this weekend. Writing gives an automatic copyright, of course, but I feel this needs more protection.

My fellow teacher, next door to me, read the script and reacted almost as strongly as those who saw the performance. Guess I managed to touch the right tone for this one.

If anyone is interested, the National Public Radio broadcast I heard that helped inspire a part of the play is available on line.

BE WARNED: If you do decide to open the link and then listen to the mother tell the story, be prepared. It is heavy duty, powerful stuff. Rich Stark was a 9 year old boy killed by a reckless driver. His mother tells the story of his death 31 years later. I change the circumstances somewhat in my play, but the core of the tale is there. Here's the link, listen at your own risk, the teenagers at our school....learn a lesson about the risks of driving.

Our motto is "Drive Safe For The Ride Of Your Life." If only one life is saved because someone heard Rich's story or saw my play, it's all been worth it.


  1. You are very clever and sensible to wirte a LEGAL copyright. You really need to cover yourself, or somebody wil steal your play. What about the DVD? Any copyright there too?

    I won't listen the link. I have enough emotion stimulations I won't look for more. I know a similar story, but with a different ending. The 9 years old ran after his football and caught got. He did not die .. survive but with extensive brain and physical damage. He is now at the charge of the family as a disable child.

  2. Perhaps you have found a second career Jean! What a rich, varied life you lead, giving so much to others. I am afraid I look selfish in comparison. Congratulations!


  3. There's a teenager at our school who was hit by a car and is severely disabled.Ive never worked with her but apparently her brain activity is extremely rare she travels to her brain surgeon in America twice a year or he comes over here to do scans and tests etc.
    She has to have a team of nurses and carers around the clock very sad.