Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday At the School

Do The Boys Really Care??

Went to church in the AM, then drove over to the school where the theater teacher, her husband, and two volunteers were working on setting the lights for the play.

I ending up working the light board, a computer system set up to control the stage lighting. I also moved around on stage as an actor might so they could figure out where to aim the lights and focus them. (Adjust the opening in front of the light so it covered just the right amount of the stage.) I rigged some gels--covers for the lights to creat various colors, and generally helped out in any way I could.

The project took the entire day and I did not get back home until 6 PM or so. I fed the Boys at once, since it was late for them. They didn't seem to mind my not doing much more with them.

It is a little frustrating because the weather is so nice, but until the play is up, I'm kind of stuck.

And then Thursday, after the play is done on Wednesday, there is a "Night Of Spirit Communications" to benefit one of the hunts at the big saddle store not too far away. A psychic will be there giving telepathic messages to the audience. It will be one of those random things where whatever messages come through will be shared, so it sould be kind of interesting. I'll tell my Boys if they have to tell me something important, that's a good opportunity, but they will have to be pretty determined if they want to be heard. There will be 50 people in the audience all hoping for some kind of message.

Should be fun, but it will take me away from the Boys for another evening.

I am looking at it this way. Tucker has sore hocks and this will give the Adequan a chance to help him. Toby is recovering from the abscess and sore foot from the misplaced shoe, so he can't really work. Chance is fine, but again, there's no rush with him.

I guess if I had to take some time off, this was as good as any.

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  1. night of spirit communication ...OOOOOOH

    Does it happen often? I cannot imagine happening here in catholic Italy ^-^

    Let us know how it goes ...