Sunday, October 19, 2008

RIP, Buddy

Lost My "BW" Kitty

Buddy, my black and white kitty died sometime between last night and this morning. He was on the back porch and crawled behind a cabinet, where I found him early this afternoon. I was kind of expecting it. He was not eating well in the last three days, but he was still interested in things, so I didn't think he was actually sick. However, he did have a very bad heart and I was suspicious it was giving him trouble.

The vet had said there really wasn't anything to do for him if he did start to deteriorate but I did need to watch if he went into distress. I saw none of that and last night, when I went to bed, he was snuggled in his cat bed out there. About a month ago he had decided he wanted to live on the back porch instead of the back rooms of the house. He did not get along with my other cats, so the porch was a nice haven for him and he seemed really happy out there. One day he even managed to escape and spend part of the day outdoors. (Note: I adopted him already declawed, and I do not let my cats out as the road is VERY dangerous.) Still, I guess he had a good day. His life here was not ideal, but he safe and well fed for the several years I had him.

He is at rest now, free from his poor little heart. I buried him near the rose garden. Bless my little Buddy boy. RIP.

I rode Chance this afternoon after setting one fence post to replace one of the ones the Boys demolished this summer. He was wonderful!! While still not steady on the bit, the two week layoff did nothing to stop his training progress. He kept his head down for most of the ride, even in the canters! And, even better, I had at least one trot/canter transition on each rein with his head right where I wanted it. I am so proud of him. Not only is he a smart boy, but he remembers his lessons.

I tried some leg yields at the walk for the first time and again, he was a super student. A few more times and he will have mastered that concept enough that I can try them at the trot. I gave him a nice big fat carrot as a reward.

Because my knees were aching after riding Chance, I decided to long line Tucker. What a good decision. And, what a good lining session! Tucker looked super. Watching him canter, I am now wondering how long his hocks might have been bothering him before he started "telling" me when I was riding him. His stride had a nice fluidity to it and he was very willing to move forward into the rein contact.

We only had one little "incident" when he decided the horse eating monster in the woods was going to get him, so he bolted off for about one rather "over impulsed" circuit at the canter and then settled in again. All in all, he was a star and really did look like a dressage horse.

I didn't work Toby, but when he trotted out to the pasture he looked pretty sound. If I have the time and energy I may take him out for a hack this week. I will lunge him first to make sure his abscessed hoof is OK, though.

Lovely weather here is encouraging me, but I surely do need to find my energy again.


  1. So sorry about the kitty. But it was a unstressed ending it seems and you can't hope for more than that.

    And what good news about Tucker's hocks! Someday I might consider that for Tetley if need be, although it's less obvious that something is bothering Tetley I think. He doesn't seem to complain much- just tries to please and adapt as best he can. Here Jean - this is what they say in England "bless his little cotton socks". Weird, huh?


  2. RIP little Buddy, I hope you rest in cat paradise.

    You sound like you had a great timne training your boys.

    How do you back up your leg for a leg yield? Do you tap with the whip?

  3. Leg yield is mostly leg and body weight. If you shift your weight in the direction you want to go, the horse tends to try to keep his body under you and goes in that direction.

    I actually would use the whip as a tap if needed, but Chance did not need it. He moved "with" me when I asked.

  4. Sorry about the pussycat Jean, but he had a lovely quiet death at home.

    I'm glad that your play was such a triumph.

    I've never needed to use a whip for leg yield Muriel they always shift with a weight/leg aid for me.