Monday, October 20, 2008

Nothing to Report

On The Horse Front, At Least

Mondays are reserved for things like physical therapy, so I usually give the Boys off. No exception today.

We ran the play this morning for a better video recording. Time pressure does not allow us to do a proper video, so I have no idea what the finished DVD is going to look like. The run through was OK, but definitely not a peak performance. I didn't help that is was freezing in the auditorium. Guess they never turned the heat on.

Speaking of, I put sheets on the Boys last night and again tonight. It was down near freezing, or at least frost temperature. I covered the rogue tomato plants that grew up near my neglected patch to protech the green tomatoes on the vines. If they don't ripen in all this cold, I will pick them and hope the ripen a bit on a windowsill. If not, they are tasty green--fried or cooked somehow.

Trouble is, last week the temperatures were close to 80 F and now they are hovering around 40-50 F, with drops into the 30's. Perfect fall weather, but a shock to the system.

The Boys seem happy, though. I guess the chill in the air perks them up and keeps the flies away. Might be time for a hack in the woods without the bug armor!!

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  1. I know how you feel with the weather! It just can't decide what temperature it wants to be here!
    I am planning to start long lining tomorrow. He is already very used to the bit and the surcingle. I also stand at his sides and ask him to bend his head around for me to get him used to turning to the pressure on the bit. I am a bit nervous because though I have long lined horses before I have never started a horse on it from scratch. We will go slowly and I will let you know how it goes! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!