Wednesday, October 01, 2008

And We're All Wet

Or At Least Two of Us Are

The alarm guy was a bit late because he got stuck in some road construction traffic. That was fine as it gave me time to finish straightening up the kitchen.

It did not take him all day to install the new panel, but it did take several hours. That too was fine. While he was waiting for the central office to do some remote programming, we had a nice chat or two.

I also got to hear some political speeches on TV given in the "heat" of the financial disaster on Wall Street. I cheered on Barack Obama at one point when he spoke about education funding. He noted we needed to pay teachers more and stop the "teaching to the test" that's gone on since President Bush's "No Child Left Behind," program forced each State to require a graduation test for students. What has happened is that rather than exploring the vast world of knowledge, teachers have indeed been forced to teach kids to pass the test. Then, he added, that we needed to teach kids the arts. Yippee!! Music, theater, dance, fine art....YES!!

OK, so much for politics.

After the alarm guy left, I invented a recipe for chicken with cashews...turned out pretty tasty, and then headed out to horse around.

It was nearly feed time, so the Boys were by the barn and Tucker was happy enough to put his head in the halter. I gave him his Adequan shot--I think I am one day late--and saddled him up. His trot word felt awesome. Nice and forward, nice and even. I didn't collect him up too much, but he did feel great. Then I asked for right lead canter. Ears back, bucky, twisty, balky. I let it pass. I reversed, did a bit more trot and asked for left lead canter. Ears back, canter. I didn't push for too much but he was willing to go for me. Tried crossing the diagonal to switch leads...ears back, bucky, kicky, balky, no canter. Obviously, one hock hurts more than the other, most likely the left one.

My vet said it would take a week or so on the Adequan and I had not given him any bute. I will give him some bute tomorrow morning and see how he is in the afternoon.

Then I haltered Chance and brought him in. I spent a little time using the solo comb to shorten and thin his mane. About two minutes after I started, thunder began to rumble off in the west. Usually what happens is that I hear the thunder in that direction, then the storm circles round, there is about a half hour break and it starts in again close by.

I hurried and saddled Chance up, headed out, and it started to rain. Not heavy, but wet, as rain often is. *G* No thunder, so I mounted up and gave him about a 20 minute workout, concentrating on trying to get him laterally supple and round. The canter was a little sticky as he kept trying to break every time we crossed the little mud puddle on the side, but otherwise it was a pretty good ride.

Finished up and brought him in just as the thunder began to roar overhead. We were both a bit soggy, but at least we accomplished something.

Then I backed the truck up to the barn and unloaded the 11 bags of feed I bought on Sunday but didn't feel well enough to unload then. I fed the Boys, carted the garbage and recyclables out to the road for pick up tomorrow and here I am.

How come when you are wet a nice shower feels so good? I would think getting more wet would not be refreshing, but it is.

So I am clean and sitting here. Just in case you wondered. *lol*

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  1. Good idea for Obama, but will he be elected?

    I have lots the plot for teh Wall Street Crash. I know it is a big problem here, because many ceramic firms work with the USA and England. The firms are going banquerupt, because the UK or USA firms cannot pay them.

    It is a disaster, so many people lay off :-(