Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ooopsie Doo

Looks Like I Won't Be Riding Much

The driver safety play has come to get me back. As I am acting in it, I need to be here at school for the rehearsals.

This means: tonight, tomorrow, Friday, and Tuesday right after school and into the evening.

I am going to rush home, feed the Boys and then come back. I can't leave the horses until as late as the rehearsals run.

No word from my farrier, so I fear poor Toby will be stuck in until I get home later tonight when I can let him out for a little while with a boot on. If it's dark by then, that will be a worry, but his poor little brain needs to be out with his friends before he totally overloads with sadness.

He called out to them numerous times last night and in the wee hours of morning. I guess Tuck and Chance had gone out to the pasture. He worries every time they are out of sight.

Update to the above:
Thought I had posted this, but it was still in my drafts folder.

So, for Wednesday. I let Toby out for the day after putting layers and layers of duct tape on his hoof. He was happy as anything, but he came in limping at dinnertime. My shoer did call and his substitute cannot come until Friday. Toby is back in for the night and since it's raining, Tucker is keeping him company under the run in roof.

The play is going well but everyone is under pressure due to the tight timeline. We have no school on Thursday. Rehearsal on Friday, and then the students have no school on Monday due to teacher workshops. That only leaves Tuesday to finish up for a performance on Wednesday.

I have a script change to make which I will do tomorrow when I have some time. It's nothing big, but it will make the play work better under its current format. I've already spoken to the actors involved and they seem fine with it.

Busy, busy. I haven't been directly involved with theater for close to ten years since the community theater we ran shut down. I'd almost forgotten how involved and involving it is. I do enjoy it, that's for sure, but it's quite intense.

Having the horse at home does really make a big difference, though. I used to have to rush out to the stable between school and rehearsals and I never got home until late at night. Now, it's an easy commute home--only about 6 miles--from school to feed the Boys and then back for the reahearsal. Once I'm home again, I have the satisfaction and comfort of being able to go out to check on them or do any little chores any time I want.

Hope to ride. Looks like the weather will clear up by early afternoon.


  1. I have no idea how you manage everything you do, full time job, horses, church, community. You must have more hours in your day than I do in mine!


  2. she puts us all to shame, caroline...