Monday, October 13, 2008

Sleep In Shed

At Least I Think That's What's Happening

When I went out for late night feed last night, all three Boys were in the riding arena near the new run-in shed. I did not turn the arena lights on, but I do know Chance was lying down just outside the shed. I am suspicious that Toby and Tucker were lying down inside.

Tonight I will go out with a flashlight to see if I can catch them in "non-action." They used to settle down in the sand in the paddock by the barn, but apparently the deep sand of the new shed is more comfy. If so....too cute for words.

I spent nearly the entire day in the theater. Teachers' workshops were in session, but I was excused to work on the play. We set up the projector, set up the sound system and finished up the study guide and sent it to the "powers that be" for approval. Hope the "powers that be" look it over so it can be printed up before the show on Wednesday.

Getting all the technical aspects of a show is tremendously complicated. At least this time, a couple administrators (the principal and vice-principal) got involved and did some of the work. And, they have been very supportive in giving us the time to do it.

I had physcial therapy tonight and an adjustment. When I got home, it was a little late for the Boys' dinner, so I fed them and that's that.

Still planning on sneaking out later to check out the nap spot. *G*


  1. My mare actually FOALED in the pasture shed once. The whole turnout herd stood guard. Wild.

    The Mane Point

    Guess the Breed, at The Mane Point

  2. jean, hope it goes well - and i guess if the admin have been involved then there's more chance of it all being signed off on!

  3. Hope you catch them would make a cute picture!