Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cleaned All Day

Well, Almost

Went to physical therapy in the AM.  Bought cat food on the way home. (PetSmart, discount pet store is new the chiropractor.)

Decided, despite the beautiful weather, to keep on cleaning.  I don't know how I manage to do it, but I donated seven large bags of clothes to charity and I still don't have room for all the clothes I have.  Suffice it to say, I am over supplied.  Part of it is that when you are in front of classes of teenagers for 180 days a year, variety of wardrobe is important.  Then, I need clothes for all kinds of weather since my classroom's climate control is completely uncontrolled.  And then...well, I just like clothes!!  I am a clothesaholic.  

Organizing, hanging up, folding, and finding niches for all my clothes took up most of the day.  Although I was distracted by the great entertainments of vacuuming, dusting, floor washing, and clothes washing as well.  I am not really done, but the house does look somewhat better. 

Hey, my horses are happy!!  Toby looks fairly sound, Chance looks adorable, and Tucker looks for food.  

I have been coughing all day and I confess, I did nap as well, so perhaps not riding was the healthier choice.  

The guy is supposed to come to install the new alarm panel tomorrow.  Don't know how long that will take nor how much supervising I will need to do.  

Somewhere along the line I really do need to just get rid of stuff around here.  When I redid the house I had a huge dumpster in the back yard.  I purged the house.  I have managed to collect all kinds of things to replace the things I purged.  


I have no idea.

Because it was there to buy.  

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  1. It's just SO cathartic, clearing out like that, isn't it? Time for an extension to hold the clothes though maybe?