Monday, November 30, 2009

On With the Shoe!

And Rain Predicted Again

Just as I had finished putting the Boys out to pasture, Scott, my farrier showed up to replace Tuck's lost shoe. The never ending saga of men and phone calls. Ah well. So, I brought Tucker back in.

Scott will be back to do the full shoeing either at the end of the week or perhaps next week, depending on how his schedule is, so I gave him my friend's phone number and will give her a "heads up," in case he calls while I am still in the hospital.

Speaking of. Although the laptop is kind of a neat idea, I am not supposed to take anything expensive in with jewelry, money, a computer would not be a good idea. I guess they worry about personal possessions getting lost or stolen during all the shuffling about. During my D&C I was in at least five separate locations. Besides, I have a feeling that at least for day one, I will not want anything near my lap. *G*

If all goes as planned, I will be operated on Thursday morning and I will spend Thursday night and, I guess Friday night, in the hospital and hopefully come home sometime on Saturday. I will not promise to blog before Sunday, however. But if I can think of some method of letting you all know how I am before that, I will try. Maybe I could get someone to send an email for me. Anyone care to volunteer to be the official email address?

We'll see how the day pans out here. Tucker's shoe is back on, so I can ride him, but the forecast calls for rain later. I also need to put up my Christmas decorations so that is out of the way. Tomorrow is partially set aside for grocery shopping to stock up on food--after my last physical therapy session. And Wednesday, I will be on a liquid diet all day, so who knows how I will be feeling--except grumpy.

Backatcha later.

Stringing in the Rain

Just to update. It started raining very early--before noon. I brought the Boys in around 2 PM or so. The "waterproof" sheets they had on are definitely not waterproof. So, Chance and Toby now have on real waterproof ones, and Tucker is locked in his stall in a cooler. I'll sheet him later when he dries off.

I did, however, manage to get the outdoor Christmas decorations up and all the lights strung and working, despite the weather. It's more showery then really steady heavy rain, so with a good jacket and hat, I stayed relatively dry.

When I go out to feed later, I'll put a bag of shavings in Tuck's stall so he will be happy even though he's in. I still have to put the decorations and lights on the barn and set up my little tree here in the house. Then, I am about as ready for the holiday as I can be this year.

Well, aside from wrapping presents. Think that might be a good project for recovery time. Nothing is very heavy and it might keep me amused. If not, people will just get presents in bags.


  1. I hope all goes well. I'd volunteer to be the official emailer, but I'm not sure how you'd contact me in the first place. :-/

    Speaking of... I think I'm going to email you some saddle questions. Don't stress if it takes you a while to get to it.

  2. Anonymous11:12 AM

    If you'd like, have someone send me an e-mail at ayearwithhorses[at]me[dot]com, and I'll put your report up on my blog, so everyone will know.

  3. So many things to plan for. Maybe a friend can bring your laptop along while visiting you and then take it back, but you shouldn't be worrying about it. It might be nice to zone out and just read and watch TV.

  4. you've got my email addy; and there's facebook! i could put a post there and a comment on here...

  5. Sounds like you have it all under control. My husband was the one who actually brought my laptop to the hospital the second day so it wouldn't get stolen. But you might just want to rest and read a good book. If you need an extra person to do an e-mailing or posting I can be reached at greyhorsemanor@ If I can help in any way let me know.

  6. Wishing for things to go smoothly during your hospital stay. I am with Mary Lou...relax, recover...we'll be here when you get back.