Monday, November 02, 2009

Lunging Between Puddles

Tucker Doesn't Like to Get His Feet Wet

As I am still preoccupied with the closet effort inside--I did dig the bed out today--I didn't go out to work the Boys until late afternoon. By then the arena, aside from the few low spots with puddles was pretty nice.

If I were to drag it now, it would be quite good, but with the time change and my house cleaning, I didn't get the tractor out there. Might make it tomorrow, which would be good.

So, on the lunging circle, no matter where I did in in the arena, there were some puddles. Tucker is a "neat freak" about it and will either jump over, skip through, or dance around the water if there is any way at all to do it. It's probably just as well that I didn't try to ride him as he would have frustrated me no end with his skippy steps. At any rate, we did get a good lunge session in as long as I allowed him to pick the line of his circles so that he could avoid the wet.

Chance wasn't quite as neat, so he also had a good lunge session. I must admit, he is getting to be a better and better mover in his trot as he learns to use himself. His right canter has improved tremendously too and he seems far more able to balance himself on that lead. The left canter is cute. He can go around in a super collected little relaxed gait. Muriel--you'd love it! But for dressage, I need to move him out a bit more, so I did insist he go on with a little more forward stride.

Then, I lunged him over jump set at about 2'3". He was super! Once again, I think he would make a nice hunter/jumper/equitation horse if I should ever decide to play around with that again.....not likely. But I do love seeing one of my horses eager and willing to jump with decided athletic form. As far as I'm concerned, it just adds to their "specialness."

I gave Toby a quick groom so he wouldn't feel left out, and fed everyone some carrots with dinner.

The rain seems to be gone for now. Maybe it will stay away long enough for it to dry out.


  1. It's really wet here too. I managed a ride on Dusty, she couldn't care less about puddles. Let's hope for some dry weather to dry this all up.
    Sounds like your puddle jumper/skipper is set in his ways, some horses just don't like the splash I guess. It's nice to lunge over jumps too, it does add to their 'specialness' and I think they have fun doing it.At least you got some good work in today even if it was wet.

  2. Well, Jena, you know that Chance is my kind of horse. If I were living closer, I would already beg for a ride on him ^-^

    Tucker is like Princess Teena, they do not like to get their feet muddy!

  3. It's interesting how some horses hate the mud and others slop right through. It just shows a funny little personality quirk that we might not otherwise get a glimpse of.