Saturday, November 21, 2009

Satisfying Saturday

Or Another Full Day At Follywoods

I was approved for more physical therapy, so I had a session this morning along with a chiropractic adjustment. That meant I wasn't going to ride, but would I have had time?

It was after eleven with I finished up at the chiropractor. Then I needed to go buy some cat food. Again, this is to stock up before my surgery. That meant a trip to PetSmart. Then, again in "stock up" mode, I headed for ShopRite to get some of the canned soup that was on sale.

I forgot it was the weekend before Thanksgiving, so shoppers were out in droves. I lucked out with a parking space close to the store, but everywhere there was traffic. I guess the Christmas shopping season is in full swing too.

When I got home, it was nearly one, so that meant time to take the second set of kitties for their rabies shots. It didn't start out well. Reggie was easy to find, but Church was hiding somewhere. I finally found him under the couch and the "chase was on!!" Once I'd closed all the doors to the other rooms of the house, I managed to corner him in the end of the hallway. He was really upset, but I managed to catch him.

Unfortunately, there was a moderately long line at the clinic. I would not have cared too much as the weather was nice, so that's good. But the bulk of the pets in line were dogs. Even that wasn't too bad as my kitties were in carriers, but right behind me a group of people came with three yappy, annoying little dogs--a Jack Russell terrier, a chihuahua, and a mini-daschund. The daschund would not stop barking with his high pitched yap. He was cute, but SOOOOO annoying. Then, the yellow labrador in front of me decided to pee on one of my cat carriers, much to his very nice owner's embarrassment. I had some paper towels in my pocket so I was able to clean it up pretty quickly, but I'm not sure poor Church, hiding in the back of the carrier, was too pleased. Then, when we got inside, the vet had me put the two carriers on the table and Reggie did and end swap in his, unbalancing it so it fell with a crash to the floor--Reggie still inside. Aside from being shaken up, he was none the worse for wear. That was clear when the guy helping the vet tried to pry him out for his shot. Talk about a Velcro kitty!! With the carrier completely tipped on its end, Reggie somehow managed to stick himself to the top. I finally had to reach in and get him myself. (Note here: Vets in the US have to be wary of insurance issues. If the owner handles the animal while it is being treated and gets injured, the vet can be sued!! Stupid, as far as I'm concerned, but I guess there are some idiot owners out there who have caused problems in the past.)

The afternoon was waning fast by the time I got back home with the kitties. I haven't seen Church since I let him out of the carrier, but I Reggie is back to his old outgoing self.

I was thinking I might lunge the Boys, so I went out to the barn to clean the stalls. Then I got preoccupied with setting up the new hose and reel for filling the water trough in the arena. By the time I finished that, I was worn out and my knees just wouldn't take any more.

I brought the Boys into the arena, and chased them around a bit with the lunge whip. Chance and Tucker really got into the spirit of the game, romping, galloping and bucking. Toby let fly a few times, but preferred to stand in the corner once he'd had enough exercise.

Carrots, treats and dinner for all ended another fall Saturday at Follywoods.


  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Another busy day - I'm not sure where you find the energy! I know about those kitties that go into hiding when the carrier comes out - we've got several that often do that.

    Been missing you over on my side - hope nothing I said caused you to decamp! I always appreciate your thoughtful comments, on my blog and others'.

    On that note, I think you left a very fine comment on (I think) Caroline's blog concerning riding a horse past a scary place or object. I was hoping you'd consider a guest post over on my blog, as many of my readers deal with issues like that and I think would benefit from your ideas and experience. Would you let me know, one way or the other if possible, at ayearwithhorses[at]me[dot]com. Hoping to hear from you in either case!

  2. Kate, I have been commenting on all your posts. For some reason, my replies are disappearing. I see them after I post, but when I go back, they are gone!

    Kind of frustrating, especially when I say something brilliant....*G*

  3. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I'd say - we've been missing out on all your brilliance! :) Your comments just showed up on my last two posts - the mysteries of Blogger! Whatever it was seems to be fixed now. You might want to check on the Blooger help board - I remember seeing something over there about that issue. I've started clearing my browser cache frequently and that seems to help with some of these issues.

    I agree about forward being the goal - I remember Mark Rashid saying at the clinic that even in halt, the motor should always be running so the horse can move forward at any time. Good thought!

  4. Oh Kate I will try to check out your blog.
    IMO Jean is one the best REAL trainers on the web. So many are armchairs trainer. I wish I lived closer to you, because I would ask for your expertise!!!

    Poor cats, being wee-ed on, dropped, and jabbed. They must have told the two others what a horrible day they had.

    Are they forgiving?

    My tabby accepts any rough treatment. But we had her from 2 weeks old, so I guess by now she is 3 yrs old, she knows we mean her well, even if at time Oliver does play quite rough.
    The grey Queen sulks, a lot. And she screams before Oliver touched her. She has understood that I tell Oliver off, when I hear her miaow. So when Oliver gets near her she calls me, and I tell off Oliver I am sure to her great amusement.

    Cats are machiavelic!!!!

  5. Rabies? My goodness, I didn't realise that you had to have rabies jabs for your cats. There is no rabies in Britain, thankfully.