Saturday, November 14, 2009

And Still It Rains

In A Heavy Mist During the Day

But, it had rained enough during the night to make everything a soggy, muddy mess again. I did put Tucker out in the arena again, but all day long it was either showering a shower or misting a mist. Darn hurricane. It is going to take a while for things to dry out, that's for sure.

I did the outside chores and came inside to do the inside chores and do some more cleaning--the perpetual task. Suddenly, when I was nearly 2 PM, I remembered that the Township was running day one of the free rabies inoculation clinic for dogs and cats. My plan had been to take two cats today and two next week presuming that there would be a line and I could only carry two cats in their carriers at a time. I didn't want to leave the other two in the car for very long, especially since my kitties are all indoor cats not used to the outdoor temperatures.

As it turned out, there was hardly a line at all and the whole process took less only about fifteen minutes. Had I only known!! By that time, I did not have enough time to get back home, pick up the second two cats and take them over. Well, I just MIGHT have made it if Church, the gray cat, had not melted into the shadows and disappeared somewhere in the house. It would have been really tight, but I just might have made it.

Oh, well, that just means I have to take Reggie and Church next week. Hopefully, I will remember an hour sooner so I don't have to feel so rushed.

When I got back home, I decided to go to the feed/tack store as they are having a 20% off sale on everything including feed. I picked up some alfalfa cubes, stopped by the hardware store to get some hose couplings on the way home, and got back in time to feed the Boys.

The misty rain stuff was getting more persistent on the way home, so I just gave up the idea of working the Boys. Too wet in the arena anyhow. All we'd be doing is puddle jumping.

I put a brandy new sheet on Tuck today and so far, it survived.

Oh, yes, as for the snowman's "Let it Snow" comment. I don't agree with it either. I much prefer the sweatshirt I have with a little gumpy snow bird sitting on a branch. His motto?
"Let it snow....somewhere else."


  1. somewhere else appears to be canada already from pics i saw last week..

  2. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Hope things dry out soon! We're dry as a bone right now, but I expect that'll change soon.

    It's amazing how cats manage to disappear when the carrier comes out and a trip to the vet is in the offing!

  3. I'm sure Church has a sixth sense about these things and is very good at melting into the shadows instead of getting a shot.

    It's been miserable here too, nothing like mud and muck to make you want to stay inside. I hear it may clear tomorrow though, hope it does. I'm with the grumpy little bird's sentiments too.

  4. Well, at least you managed to get some of the kitties to the clinic. I've always been impressed with the way cats can defy the laws of physics, especially when they see a carrier.

    Looks like the rain has finally ended, hopefully the mud will dry up quickly!

  5. We got drowned out yesterday too. I put waterproof sheets on my mares, and they did hold up throughout the deluge. But the girls were very happy to get the heavy wet things off at night, and relax in their nice dry stalls. Today it was foggy almost all day, even though it was relatively warm.

  6. I'm trying to convince my husband that he needs to become a millionaire, so we can go to Arizona in the winter and I don't have to get cold and wet.

    No luck so far.

  7. "(Note here: Vets in the US have to be wary of insurance issues. If the owner handles the animal while it is being treated and gets injured, the vet can be sued!"

    that is ridiculous....unless it in fact be the case that it was some act of negligence by the vet