Saturday, November 07, 2009

Well, Maybe Sound

Just a Hint of a Limp...Maybe

Chiropractic and physical therapy again this morning--I go twice a week. Then, after doing nothing for an hour or three, I headed to the feed store to stock up on grain and some shavings.

Came home, unloaded the truck and decided to do some lungeing, since I really don't like to ride after an adjustment.

I took Tucker out first. He looked essentially sound on that front foot, but I say "essentially" because every now and then I thought I saw a little head nod. I am sure when he pulled that shoe the second time he probably did some damage to the hoof wall and it may well be growing down so that every now and then he feels something. He looked super going in the other direction, so whatever it is is on inside of his hoof. At any rate I gave him a full lungeing session, and he didn't object.

Toby kept walking away, very clearly letting me know he wanted no part of any kind of work, so I let him be.

Chance bopped right over and practically stuck his head in the halter. But despite his rather eager surface work ethic, once he gets out on the line he doesn't make any extra effort. He takes this nice little steady trot and prefers his special little collected canter on the left lead. On the right, the canter is not as well balanced, so he goes faster, but I must say he doesn't expend a lot of energy unless I chase him. Tonight, I didn't bother too much. He was just too cute for words.

Fed them all and just remembered I forgot to give the working boys their extra treats. When I go out for late feed I will make up for it by giving everyone an apple.

Weather has been super and looks to stay that way for at least the next week!


  1. Chance does sound like a he has a cute little character. Love the picture in my mind of him cantering. Doesn't sound like anything major is going on with your other guy. I'm sure he'll work out of it eventually. Have a great week, this weather is great.

  2. I hope you get better soon. Today we had a real autumn day, with lost but LOTS of rain!!!