Friday, November 06, 2009

A Little Worrisome

Windy Afternoon

It was rather windy most of the day, enough to put me off from being outside since the temperature was in the 40's. But then, my friend Shelley called to tell me she was going to stop by to pick up some scenery I had stored in my attic, so that set me to a quick cleaning frenzy, doing all the things that needed doing within about two hours.

When Shelley arrived, I had the scenery (A painted drop--which is a huge piece of fabric painted with a background for a play) downstairs waiting for her. So we were able to have a nice little visit.

I'd gotten the call from the doctor, scheduling my surgery for December 3, so at least that mystery is solved. As usual, there are tests to be done and I have to get a clearance from my primary doctor as well, so more time and effort will be consumed on all of this.

I finally went out later in the afternoon as it looked as if the wind had died down and I was hoping to take the Boys out for some hacks in the woods. But I was wrong, it was still windy. So I decided to play with Tucker and Chance in the arena. I got the lunge whip and popped it at them and before you could take a breath, they were off, romping around in circles, and occasionally free jumping the little jump. Every time I simply stood there, they stood looking at me, waiting for me to send them off again for a free lunge session. They easily could have gone out to the pasture to get away, but both of them stayed in the confines of the arena, running and playing.

When I dropped the whip, they both came over to me for a little cuddle and, of course, whatever treats I had stashed in my pocket. I'd kept Toby out of this by letting him into the area by the barn and he seemed quite content just to watch.

But the "worrisome" in the title? I thought I saw Tucker limping when I let him out into the barn paddock. So I got the lunge line, put it on him and took him back out to the arena. Sure enough, he was limping on the same leg where he'd pulled that shoe weeks ago. When Scott was here to shoe he said he still felt some heat in that foot so it is possible something is brewing and all the running around aggravated it. Or, he might have just hit something or taken a bad step and temporarily done something. He will be in his stall all night anyhow, so I'll just see how he is in the morning.

As the sun sank lower on the horizon, the wind died down at last so I saddled up Chance to take him on a hack. Chance is the first horse I've ever had who moves faster on the way out than on the way back. His enthusiasm for trail rides is quite obvious as he wants to trot out the gate. We took it easy for the most part as in places the footing was a little slippery. We took the upper trail on the way to the lake and circled back into the woods for a nice little change of pace.

Nice ride and we got back home just as the sun started to set. Darkness falls quickly this time of year, but I did have enough time to poo pick the arena before the light faded.

Another day with "things" accomplished.


  1. Sounds like a good day!
    Polo is exactly like Chance he always has set off like he's on a mission which is odd considering how spooky and cowardly he is:))

    Hope its nothing too serious with Tuck.

  2. Glad you got a nice trail ride in. As for Tucker, I'm sure it will sort itself out soon. They will drive you crazy with worry though. It's good you know your date for the surgery at least now you can plan things ahead of time. The good news is you'll probably be feeling great by Christmas and be able to sing in the choir for Christmas services.

  3. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I didn't work with the horses today because it was so windy, although warm. Glad you had some fun with the boys - perhaps Tucker just dinged himself playing. Maisie is always very forward going out, but then she's often even more (too) forward coming home. Forward is a gear both my horses have - no lack of that!

    Glad the surgery is scheduled so you can plan.

  4. shame it has to be in the middle of winter, but if it needs doing, it needs doing!

    I wish i could have seen that free schooling session with two of them!