Friday, November 20, 2009

Fruitless Friday

At Least Horsewise

It poured last night/early this morning. Torrential rain, thunder, and, I guess lightning, though I can't say I saw any. My little rain gauge fell over, so I don't know how much rain we had, but it sounded substantial. Paddocks, arena, etc. were pretty well soaked. Although the arena held up better than last time, partially due to my having dragged it and partially because a hard rain tends to run off instead of soaking in.

I decided that, at least for the morning, I would turn Tucker out in the arena, locking him out of the pasture. I did all the basic chores and fed the Boys their cubes in their stalls while I had breakfast. When I went back out to do turnout, lo and behold, Chance and Toby were out grazing on my lawn. Darn! In all my efforts, I had left the gate open when I'd rushed to turn off the water before the trough overflowed. Fortunately, they had found some nice lush grass close enough to the gate that they hadn't tromped all over the place making big hoofprints in the soggy ground. Big holes make it very bumpy when lawn mowing time comes. Guess I lucked out this time.

I brought the two vagabonds back in, and led Tucker out to the arena. Toby decided to follow close behind, so I ended up turning the both of them out together with Chance still in the paddock areas by himself.

It was a change of the normal configuration, but everyone seemed quite fine with it. The wind picked up for the bulk of the day, the sun came out, and by late afternoon I decided the pasture was dried out enough to let everyone out there as well. Chance needed no invitation to come to the arena gate to be out with his herd, so it was a virtually effortless exercise.

I had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon in order to be cleared for my surgery. With a slightly longer than normal wait, my appointment, and then a trip to the pharmacy for a prescription, daylight was on fast fade by the time I got home again.

I cleaned stalls, changed the light bulb in Tucker's stall, fed the Boys and called it a day.

No riding, but with all the rain, perhaps the footing would have not been the best anyhow. Gee, do I sound like the fox and the grapes?? ---Well, my post title did say, "fruitless." *G*


  1. It has been pouring here in Oregon as well. Lots of arena work and no trips on the trails:-(. Happy to hear the escapees didn't do too much damage to the yard.

  2. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Sorry you got more rain - probably came from our way. We finally got some nice weather today, so perhaps you'll also be fortunate tomorrow.

  3. Supposed to clear up and be nice for the weekend, so I'm sure you'll get some riding in. Glad they didn't go too far and were easily caught.