Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Workout

Two on the Lunge Line

Spent the better part of the day doing....something. What, I don't know, but the time passed.

And the footing started to dry out just in time for more rain in the forecast. Showers. Whatever that may imply.

I decided to lunge Chance and Tucker. Again, not sure why. I just didn't feel like riding today.

Both were good boys. Not much to say when the responses to the "walk, trot, canter" commands are right on target and both horses moved along nicely on a circle around me. This keeps them at least a little fit, so it's good. But it doesn't make much progress in the dressage training except for the obedience.

After I tucked Tucker in for the night, I started up the tractor. I had to put air in one front tire again, but it wasn't as flat as it's been in the past. No sound of a leak, but there must be a slow one.

Then after a bit of doing--needed to clean out the leaves and grass--I hitched up the arena drag and headed out to do some arena grooming. If it does rain again, the surface will at least be level and loose, so perhaps it won't get as soggy as the last time.

Darkness closed in as I finished, so here I am, back at the blog. Once again, some work accomplished on another nice cool fall day.


  1. It's always nice at the end of the day to have accomplished something.

  2. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Nice that you had a good day and there was some horse exercise involved - we're dreary and rainy so no horse work for us.

  3. I got quite excited by your title - then I realised that "two on the lunge" was not both at the same time :-))) A new sport maybe???