Monday, November 02, 2009

Sunday Monday....SUNday???

Bit Of a Guilt Trip

When I fed Sunday morning, it was horribly wet and muddy everywhere as it had rained much of Saturday night. I didn't want to put Tucker out in that stuff, so I figured I'd let him out after church.

I'd forgotten it was our church's 275th anniversary, and there was a luncheon after the service for which I'd already purchased a ticket. Since one of my friends was the moderator of the program afterwards, and we ended up at a table in front, I felt obligated to stay for the after lunch lecture.

It was about David Brainard, for whom the town's lake and other historical elements are named. He was a minister/missionary whose life was perhaps best defined by the influence of his teachings after his death rather than while he was alive. While the talk was interesting, I was a bit fidgety as the rain had blown off and, although it was not sunny out, at least things had dried up a bit.

All I kept picturing was Tucker stuck in his stall all afternoon. I didn't get home until after 2 so I put all three Boys out in the arena/pasture turnout and just let them enjoy each other's company. The weather never did clear, despite forecasts to the contrary, but at least the rain stopped.

Not so this morning. Since I decided to start cleaning closets yesterday, I had piles of clothes and things to be sorted on my bed. I ended up sleeping on the couch so I can't quite be sure that what I thought I heard outside was rain, but when I got up this morning, sure enough, it was raining AGAIN! To add insult to injury, there were patches of blue sky actually showing between some of the clouds!

Come on, already!

My mud is, except perhaps in the one section of paddock by Chance's stall, and some areas of the front paddock, not really deep. Where I have to cross from the barn to the watering trough in the arena, it's only perhaps six inches or so before you hit some solid earth underneath. But that top layer is slippery and shoe "sucking." I almost lost my muck shoe again this morning when I was filling the trough, and that's exactly the kind of footing that pulls Tucker's shoes too.

I may just put him out in the arena today if the pasture surface is like that. I feel bad for him, but it's no good if he goes lame because of a missing shoe. Right now, the sun seems to be showing a little out there. I can only hope.


  1. Poor you! I cannot help thinking that he would be okay barefoot during winter, you can always re-shoe him when the ground dries out. Which let's face it is not going to happen before 4 months.

    He is not in intensive-work. You ought to speak to Scott, about it. I am sure Tuck would be fine barefoot during the rain/snow season.

  2. There is a lake in the mountains in Colorado named Brainard Lake too. Wonder if it's named after the same person.

  3. Wow, 275th anniversary. I'm impressed.

  4. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Our rain has stopped - for the moment - but the mud is outstanding (in the precise sense)!

  5. 6 inches depth of mud? euch. far too much!